E-Mail is the most effective tool in marketing in today’s world. It is also considered as the most trusted modes of communication among the people that helps in maintaining good customer relationship management. E-Mail marketing plays an important role in digital marketing. People who got to know about any product in email make conversions more than the people outside. Unlike other marketing media, email marketing helps to develop a good relationship with the customers. Social media marketing can be combined with the email marketing to get better results. There are some important elements of email marketing

The subject line

When an email is sent the first thing customer notices is the subject line. If it is good enough it can lead to more open rates. Usually, 6-10 words in subject line lead to more conversion. It should be catchy and personal.


The message sent to the customers should be crisp so that they should know the purpose of the email and they should be able to take actions.

Verification and greeting

Once a user subscribes they should verify their mail through the link along with the greeting for the action.

Accessibility and readability

The mail should be easily accessible to the customers and it should be precise.

Targeted audience

In email marketing, it is possible to target the audience based on their age group, interest, education, location etc. which will have a great effect on conversions.

Do you want to know the wonders email marketing can do?

  • It can create the trustworthiness about the product or services.
  • It can also be able to retain customers by having a regular touch with old customers and giving them special offers.
  • It helps in maintaining a good relationship with the customer.
  • Can also be used to get feedbacks and improvise all the services.
  • It makes people think that it is the most trusted means of communication.

What are all the factors used for analysis?

Delivery rates: Number of people the message is sent. To increase that we need to do research to find our targeted audience.

Open rates: Number of people who opens the message. It is purely based on our reputation and the subject line. Those emails with the excellent subject line will attract more customer.

Click through rates: Number of clicks done on the mail. For this, the call to action buttons should be placed properly and it should be legible so that the customer understands the purpose.

How is it done?   

  •  Active campaign
  • Sendloop
  • MailChimp
  • AWebber

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