Do you want to target people for your business and increase your website traffic? Facebook gives you a platform in today’s digital world that helps to reach millions of people and target the potential customers. Facebook has been started as a way for youngsters and college students to connect online but nowadays facebook marketing (one of the social media marketing) has become inevitable for any business. Here are some tips to get more fans for your website in Facebook marketing

Have a good facebook business page

Since most of the leads come from facebook nowadays it is essential to create a new appealing facebook page. Having a good facebook page makes you look professional. Make sure that you have a good page title and profile picture that should convey the purpose of the business.

Know your audience

Facebook offers more data about the people in insights. So it is easy to target the people based on their gender, age, demographics, interest, and behavior. The more you know about your audience the more conversions you can get. You can send a message to all the followers, asking for their expectations and needs about your business and the way they got to know about your business. We can also use Facebook ads and Facebook campaigns to reach more people.

Keep your audience up-to-date

Keep updating your page with valuable information. The post should be relevant to the business as well as the audience. You should upload at least one post per day. Images also play an important role since it can get 37 percent higher engagement than text.

Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways play an important role to get more followers to the page.  You can run contests and give coupons or gifts for the people who participated. This way you can improve your brand value by “word of mouth”, an effective way to increase the followers.

Build a good relationship with your followers

To maintain a good relationship it is essential to reply to the queries as soon as possible. Involve your followers in decision making, ask them about your products and ask suggestions that you can do to improve your business that makes them feel like a part of your business improving loyal customers.

Call to Action buttons

Make sure that all the call to action buttons are in appropriate places, for example, buy now, subscribe, purchase, place order etc.  which depends on the type of business so that the user has a clear picture of their steps to be taken.

Business information

Enter all the business information on the facebook page and have a link to your website. If it has a physical presence, mention the address and have a small tab of location in google maps to direct the customers. Also, give the contact number and a social media profile for any inquiries.

Thus to increase the number of followers for a business page it is essential to look into these factors.

Follow all these aspects and get more fans!

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