At Websitica Technologies, We all know about the importance of having a good SEO strategy for your website. A strong SEO exclusively help your website gain more visitors which will convert more customers which mainly help in organisation’s development. Having an SEO strategy that includes regular updates of relevant, quality content for your website, and properly disseminating it help promote it, is a great place to start. However, an SEO strategy might take a Negative SEO attacks, if they are over performed or wrongly performed.

Negative SEO is dangerous, know why!

Negative SEO attacks are usually carried out by competitors who tend to keep your website search rankings lower. But knowingly or unknowingly are sometimes we end up doing SEO which turns on a negative phase. hackers or Competitors flood the site with spam links, irrelevant content, or malicious software that affects the performance of your website and online reputation.

So, Negative SEO can tentatively slow down and pull down the website ranking greatly. Even a small amount can make changes from achieving the highest possible search rankings, which will truly spoil the reputation.

Monitor Your Website Closely!

The best way for any website to avoid negative website is to avoid falling victim to a serious negative SEO attack and having a keen look into the website which is literally hard, specially when your are busy to keep up with the day to day operations of your business. So, it is important for a company to opt a Digital Marketing as a service or agency to watch closely.

A Negative SEO reduction is a way more serious in reducing website’s speed or click-through rate (CTR) which is important when it comes to identifying and stopping negative SEO attacks.
It’s always better to have a monitor of your website and having Google Analytics installed, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for unusual dips in traffic.

Remove all the Negative Content,

While there is a probability negative SEO usually focused on attacks through keyword, back-links other your website which can have a devastating effects on search engine ranking.
Keeping a eye out on a negative review can keep you out of negative attack. Also, a flood of negative reviews is typically an unusual sign of an attack. This is regularly monitoring your Google My Business profile and reporting any negative reviews you identify as false for removal.


Even your website’s content is used for a negative SEO attacks by steeling a original content. This is called ‘scraping’. This Content is important key factor in any SEO strategy. Not only a distinctive factor but it’s illegal to use anyone else’s content without their consent. It is important to know that,it reduces the website search ranking if the content is same or repeating throughout several website and this can be reported using google copyright form and reporting.

Opt for a Search Engine Marketing Professional.

As said before it is difficult to handle website safety from negative SEO attacks, but with the help of the SEM professionals it is made easy. Hiring a service from the agency is more helpful in analyzing your website and they prevent beforehand the website from hacking. You can also contact us directly online or through a phone call to set up a free digital marketing consultation to know what exactly we develop, improve and maintain your company’s website.

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