Hey… Do you all know momo?

Yes, obviously!

She is the one from whom we can ask for chat and text. But do we all know that she is an AI chatbot?

Yes, momo, Siri and Google assistant are very famous conversation agents in recent times. People interact with these humans like machine software. Before we get into the main topic, first we will see

Actually, what are Chatbots?

     The conventional Chatbox turned into software with Artificial Intelligence supported conversational area is the AI Chatbots.

Here the other side converser who we converse is a human-like programmed software that executes the code to reply to the questions asked. You would have experienced like, if we ask the similar type of questions, it comes up with the same answers again and again. Thus it is programmed to display replies for certain similar type of questions.

Is AI Chatbot a must?


Customers visiting your website will have some doubts and queries to ask. This AI Chatbot provides a way to clear their questions instantly. By doing so, we will gain a permanent impression as a quality service provider on them.

Now let us shift to the main topic of the blog

Why is it a must on websites?

Here are listed five important reasons for why is it important to have AI Chatbot for a website.

 1.  24X7 Availability -> gains trust

Customers visit any time they prefer. But we cannot be available personally. This 24X7 AI Chatbot executes customized replies for similar questions.

Thus it keeps people satisfied and engaged. A reply to a customer’s quires is always the best way to show them our involvement in their work. This creates a trust between the companies.

2. Quicker Reply -> higher conversion

Immediate personal attention grabs interests!

If there is someone who instantly replies for your doubts isn’t that the best place to take up the service.

Yes, this gives them the feeling that you are ready to fulfill their needs.

The customer develops the confidence to speak up about their business when your replies are quicker.

When their big doubts are being cleared then and now, they would be happy to extend their partnership.

Thus it leads to a higher conversion rate.

3. Solving problem -> helps convincing

People reach us to find the solution to their problems. When we provide a separate platform to solve their problem, we help them. This plays a major role in convincing customers to opt for our service.

Instead of providing them lectures if we share a link or just type in the reply they enquire that is more than convincing right!

Thus AI Chatbot provides such facilities for the clients who ping for help which in turn converts them to be our customer.

4. Cost efficient -> Larger reach

AI Chatbot is equally cost efficient as other conventional ways like a phone call.

AI chatbot provides multitasking. Thus employing effect is reduced.

It takes time and money to talk on phone individually. But this chatbot serves the purpose easily.

Thus handling multiple customers at a time gives a large reach in small time.

When contacting is made easy through the Chatbot, the number of reaches is definitely high.

5. New technology -> competitive advantage

In the past, people used forms which have certain pre-formed questions assumed to be asked by the customers and this is boring for people.

Answering the same old questions in all the website

For a change let them ask questions. Through which we can build a good relationship with clients.

People talk about the new technology they saw on your website this creates the advantage over our other competitors to attract many customers to the website.


So by having AI Chatbot on your website, you stand out from other competitors. Thus you get more potential clients.

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