Today It’s going to be about the most professional Social Media website “ LinkedIn”, And This time it’s going to benefit the marketers also, for benefiting their business.

So, LinkedIn is introducing the feature called “Carousel Ads” another type of Advertising strategy with multiple pieces of sponsored content. The main feature about carousel ad being, It can Ad up to 10 cards with a series of Customized content satisfying the business requirements.

It’s absolutely in the hands of a Marketer to bring out as effectively and creatively in order to gain more business engagements.  

Some innovative ways of thinking for using carousel ads can be:

  • Deliver a story through a sequence of images
  • Displaying numerous offer products at once
  • Elaborating a single offering deeply.


LinkedIn Carousel Ads

Carousel ads are always said to stand out from the crowd by expressing its eye-catching nature through Newsfeed on any platforms.

Being the most Professional platform, It’s highly expected to gain the accurate reach when the ads are published. A research says, More than 75% of businesses who had a beta test sponsored content carousel ads to convey that they would use them again.

An added benefit to this, Reports which are generated based on the performance of the ad are “crystal clear” and Advertisers will be able to track measure clicks and impressions by individual card.

Currently, LinkedIn is updating with better features which only had offered downloadable reports for advertisers, though it has been improvising a lot for Business promotions and, Carousel ads are now available to all businesses to promote, engage and gain more lead.

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