Are you a new business owner struggling to attract new customers in your local area?

You’re probably unaware of registering into Google My Business.

Google offers you this extraordinary tool that allows you to manage your online presence.

As of today, there are 8 in 10 people who search online for any product or service they are in need of and 6 in 10 people make their purchases online. Under these circumstances, it is indispensable to have a strong online presence.

Firstly, let’s see what a Google My Business is and what it offers.

Google My Business lets you create a concise business profile that includes your business’s name, address, any other contact details, working hours, website links in relevant search results. So, when someone searches for your business online, your GMB profile is extracted from your GMB business page and is displayed on the search results.

How does Google My Business help your business?

Instead of individually handling your business listings on Google+, Search and maps, you can manage them all in Google My Business.

Here’s why you need GMB for your business:

Keep your customers well-informed

In your GMB profile, you mention all relevant information about your business. You ought to update your information every now and then so that your audience does not lose track of you.

Inform your customers how unique you are

Google My Business allows you to post your ideas, any useful and relevant images for your business. You can stand out by sharing such latest information with your potential customers.

Connect with your customers

Customers have an option to leave a review on your products or services. Engage with your audience by replying to their reviews and comments and join the conversation about your business.

GMB offers insights on posts your page

Google My Business has started to provide its users with insights related to their posts from their GMB page. It lets you have an insight on any individual post or all post from last week/month. These insights include the number of views and clicks on your post and also the progression or a halt in these metrics over a period.

Most people’s first stop for any searches will be Google. The more information you provide Google with, the more it keeps it’s users informed. So Sign up your business with Google My Business and make the best of it.


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