While comparing with the traditional Marketing approach, SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Strategies is quite cost-effective but will definitely yield you the best Return On Investment from your strategies.

The following quotes which are considered Myths are actually true!!

  • Good SEO is almost never cheap.

Best Online optimization practices are is high- rated but they involve many back studies with the application of effective strategies.

  • Cheap SEO is almost never good.

Opting for Cheap SEO will imply a bad impact on website ranking and may spoil the ranking at times.

  • Bad SEO can be cheap or expensive.

There is also a rare possibility of having a high-priced SEO practice with poor strategies.

Hence it is always important to have a deep analysis of the report produced for the performance of the task.

SEO is highly cost-effective, because

  • Business needs a dedicated Account Manager for who knows your business and SEO in detail to have a regular monitor on the campaign and online quires.


  • Tracking and analyzing the detailed monthly reports in a hectic task which connects SEO performance to your bottom line. Instead, there is no use of being ranked high but not having a convertible lead or bringing qualified traffic. Hence SEO should serve the benefit.


  • For performing a task of SEO, you actually require an analyst, web designer/developer, and a professional content writer.


  • SEO is highly competitive like any other business in the world. When you want to be in the top of the search engine that is from 1-10 or the first place, you compete with others to be ranked first. So, SEO is highly competitive.


  • It is Geographically oriented because every business will definitely try to expand globally in search of the target audience globally so as it can have its own importance.

The summary of all the above information related to SEO strategies might be considered time-consuming but will definitely yield a significant Return On Investment and we track it all and can determine, very accurately, what’s working and what’s not.  Whereas it is impossible with yellow pages advertising? Your radio or TV advertising?.

Hence online Advertising is beneficial in its own way and way much better than Traditional Marketing Strategies.

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