Investing in a new website or redesigning your website can be a big deal and a profitable investment in many ways! So here are the steps to cultivate a successful yet more engaging website.

Phase #1. Creation and Learning

First of all, in the initial stages, it is important to establish strategies, settings routines, and follow up with the task like,
1. Establishing KPI’s,
Know your key selling points, and it’s important to know your customers about the KPI and to drive business goals.

2. Configurations of accounts
Configuration of all the accounts related to your website and keeping track is important to create and track reports.

3. Keyword strategy
The most important feature to get ranked on your website and the strategy of using the right keywords has to be used on every page.
And it’s important to get a unified common keyword strategy and with optimized content.

4. Content Strategy
Google and other search engines like fresh content only and every time when your website is recrawled, some new content is found and it’s the golden opportunity to get ranked by Google.
Updating content can be like,
* Knowing who your audience is!
* Knowing your biggest problem!
* Updating Blog, case studies, White papers.

5. Amplifying strategy
– Creating a social media strategy, email database for the retargeting audience.
Documenting all the plans with emails designed to target and retarget the audience.

Phase #2. Measuring and adjusting

It’s important to measure and adjust the website or the information’s in it accordingly even after the launch and now it’s time for renovation or reworking with it.
Having continuous monitoring on the below details will help in being with the trend,

1. Keyword ranking 

It’s important to know the worth of the keywords you carry on your website.
Keeping a check on all the keywords and its trends is important in the ranking aspect.
Also, remember that googling your own company website doesn’t raise your results.

2. Content performance 

A bounce rate is the most important aspect and considered ok for some content but not for all the content.
Content is also important and is the factor that drives a successful website.

3. Social media and email performance
All the major social media and email marketing platforms are to be scheduled and kept ready.
Keep track of scheduling frequency, hashtags, headlines, and images, email template designs, CTA buttons, and placements.

4. Goals and Events!
At the time when you were analyzing and amplifying the website, keeping a track of the KPI, and update the content strategy and its objectives.

5. Customized dashboard and reports
Customize your dashboard according to your needs and for your convenience and to track performance for their easy progress.

6. Maintaining security and plug-ins
The search engine is only favorable for websites that are secured and updating the plug-ins and especially whichever is related to security.

7. Research and Testing!
Consistency in research and testing, and knowing where you are good at is important to make adjustments on the floundering areas.

Phase #3. Expanding!

When once you are showing positive trends in the performance, looking for expanding your website is important to increase your efforts in the website content, SEO, Marketing.

1. New content
Adding different types of content like videos, audio, e-book is a great way to further engage with your audience.

2. More digital advertising!
Small business Marketing is effective through digital marketing and targeting through a paid search like Google ads, display ads, remarketing, social media ads, and sponsored posts.

3. Link building
Google keeps changing its algorithm almost daily at times, and some SEO practices have improved to remain a successful website.
This is the backbone of creating structure and if you can afford to spend an hour on SEO then there are chances to improve your rankings.

Hence if you are struggling to maintain one successful website, then you are not alone and this will offer services to help our clients to have a clear level of strategies.

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