While you are a part of 140,000 websites with competitive online Business, you must always make sure about your expectations and competitive level. Hence, it is important that of maintaining a well-performing website. If your website is not feeling well, there might be a few important issues to look into. They are as follows.

# 1: Search Engines Can’t locate Your Website.

When people find your website through Google or through some other search engine and unable to find and fetch your website, then it will not be displayed to the audience.
First of all, Search engines fetch websites that are crawled and indexed then search engines discover the home pages by reaching their internal links.
With every page on your website includes indexed posts and images.
So, If your website is not crawled then your website is not indexed. or indexed, By fixing this issue this problem can be solved.

# 2: Poorly designed Website.

There is definitely no excuse for the “bad” design and it is always the first impression that matters. The principles of “bad” design are deliberately the main thing that needs to be avoided. Also, you lose a visitor your website may look tacky, hard to deal with, non-interactive, or poor framework and the poor site literally reduce the organic search visibility. Hence make sure that the website you create is responsive, attractive and customer friendly.

# 3: Your Website Is Not Responsive On All Devices.

Your website should be in the position of being accessed across cross platforms like mobile phone, tablets, desktop, etc., and Predominantly smartphone are widely used for browsing websites and if your website is not mobile friendly then you have the wide chance of losing a lot of visitors.

# 4: Your Website load time matters.

One feature that makes your visitors leave and have the rare chances and unlikely to visit again in the near future is when your website doesn’t load fast, The load time should be in a fraction of seconds so that, the impression among the visitors may lift your position higher and Studies show that most users quickly exit sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Also, The reasons behind website load time may be due to Broken links, Messy code, Images that aren’t optimized, etc., Hence a check on every above-mentioned thing will let your website gain more traffic.

# 5: Your brand matters too.

A brand which improves identity is the perfect way to improve your visitors. More people trust personally endorsed brand more than a corporate brand. hence brands are more ideal for promoting an highlighting your website.

Hence a check on every above-mentioned thing will let your website gain more traffic.

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