A website refresh is like trying a new dimension to your website.
It’s usually simple, quick, and not particularly resource-heavy to execute.
A website refresh might be initiated by making smaller changes in your company or business website or it can be based on the customer needs, or technology, and isn’t likely urgent.

#1. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
A complete website redesign is the response to each Google algorithm change would be different!
But make changes and adapt your website to current SEO practices that boost your website ranking.
And also it’s a good idea to stay on the top of the website with proper content optimization.

#2. Brand New Company Logo
If there is an update in the company logo then it’s definitely web site-wide with a refresh!
If your company has an updated logo, It is definitely a refresh for the website and a new look is given to the website.
But if you find a repetition of your brand assets in cases like color palette or typeface, there is a need for a redesign.

#3. New additional services to your business
It is definitely a plus and an added advantage of WordPress websites because of their user-friendly CMS.
It’s easy to always add an additional service to team member, blog post (or even a whole new blog section to improve organic traffic), or case study to your website with the existing page templates, and there is no aspect of redesign the entire site.
And that’s the reason why Websitica uses WordPress for all of our web development.

#4. Promotional and outdated content
Once again, WordPress can rescue you here!
It helps you in putting up with the promotional video or content related on your homepage, and it can concentrate on the other aspect of the business.
It also helps in removing the outdated and plagiarised content that is helpful for your website.

#5. Improve the Ux & UI
Some simple changes on the website help your visitors quickly and easily navigate your site and that might include recommending related content, slight changes to menus, or adding search filters to content.
And With the help of WordPress, all of these are really easy and are helpful website refreshes.

Thus all these aspects of website design refresh can initiate a change on your website for betterment and development.

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