A redesign of the website is heavy and it will be benefited from improved rankings through quality and performance signals, rely on the growth through increased traffic and conversions, and even brand awareness.
If you feel that the website redesign is avoidable, then you are not considering your website as an asset to the growth and development of your business.
So here are a few reasons why your business needs an immediate website!

1. Having a Still website!
One of the most common reasons why many companies approached website redesigns is that a site has been stagnant for several years and they find no use from it.
If your website looks outdated, it should be because of the frustrating user experience, or if it is slow to load, or otherwise doesn’t feel like a current site, it’s time for a redesign.

2. Rebrand your website fully!
Being it an acquisition or any sort of merge, or just a facelift for your business, a rebrand will often require a complete website revamp or redesigning your website.
Rebranding can be a complete revamp or it can go through changes like address logo, colors, and other styling elements, as well as brand personality and storytelling, media, UX, and UI Design.

3. Usage of Outdated technology
Your website is the reflection of your current business and branding but if it is a way backword without any updation then your business is definitely in trouble.
Make sure that Google’s mobile-first prioritization is given importance and if your website lacks responsive websites then, it can be penalized.
Small changes in the UX design, such as mobile navigation advances can have huge impacts on the website’s performance.

4. Website Integrations
Implementation of additional features in the website can involve a redesign process!
Say it, The Integration of an eCommerce platform, let’s take WooCommerce as an example! This adds a shopping experience that changes your site’s navigation, callouts, and structure which will definitely need a Website Redesign.

5. A shift in Digital strategy
The digital strategy you are incorporating is heavily dependent on your site and the content you establish! because big changes can require a redesign.
Content marketing, social media, advertising, and SEO strategies require a redesign affected by and affecting your site; Hence it requires a website redesign.

Hence all these are far enough and self-sufficient enough to throw light on the queries regarding website redesign.

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