Brand identity is more than just a name and a logo.
Rather, branding is yet another department of who you are.
It mainly includes the LOOK, PURPOSE, and PERSONALITY of your business, and staying consistent both online and offline is important.
Studies show that branding results in greater conversions because brand recognition increases client conversion and engagement.
Therefore, even if your website is underperforming, improving your website branding could lead to increased conversions.

Brand identity includes a few basic elements for a more effective website with improved as many of these elements as possible.

#1 – Visual Elements for Brand Identity

Logos are powerful branding elements and may people around the world remember any brand through their logos.
A logo can be the visual representation of a brand and its impact is so strong.
To improve your website branding, your logo design should tell the story
Displaying logo on your website on a header can register your brand in the minds of the people.
It should also appear as your favicon, graphics, and even in contact forms.
Put it wherever it makes sense to do so and people have to identify with it.

#2 – How Style Elements on Your Website

The next way you can improve your website’s branding involves your choice of styling.
Chances in the colors representation, font style, and text can instantly light up your website,
The fonts that you choose should match the tone you are trying to convey.
Hence it’s important that style element plays an important role in instantly lifting up the website’s look.

#3- Your Story

It’s always good to remember that a website branding is not just the visual but, it’s also the story you tell.
The layout of your story on your website should follow this same pattern the way it Begins with The Hook then The Climax and at last The End.
Remember your goal, leads, and ideas! containing simple conversion forms and a clear call-to-action.
Remember, the whole user experience will define how a visitor thinks of your brand. It’s not just about the look, it’s also how they feel after engaging with you.

#4 – Consistency in Message and Tone

Your website is just a source and can’t speak directly to your visitors.
Have clarity on what message are you hoping to convey?
The content on your site is your ‘voice’ and it not only should it sound consistent, but it should also deliver a single message.

#5 – Be a Brand Identifier

Be a brand identifier where people can remember you instantly identifiable brand identity than even a logo.
The reason for this is because they become the important characters in your brand’s story and people identify with characters.
A branded website should make it easy for your customers to identify you among the variety of websites claiming for their attention.
Improve your website branding so that your brand is the one they ‘recognize’ and feel comfortable engaging with.
So now you know the importance of a brand identifier.

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