The website is the primary artery in showing up about your business and connecting with your potential buyers. If you feel that the website is obsolete, then it’s time to revamp your website.
But if you are unaware of the fact that the website is obsolete, then these 7 warning signs will indicate you to change the website.

#1. When your design looks outdated comparatively.

If you are dam sure with the design which doesn’t include up to date latest trend and when it doesn’t match up with the competitors its actually the first sign that your website needs to be revamped.

#2. Bounce Rates Have Increased

If the bounce rate hit hard on your website and when the rates are increasing this strongly indicates that the website is not attracting visitors and it has to be changed immediately.

#3. Slow Page Loading

When the page loading time increases drastically, then you will want to redesign your site by optimizing for the faster page loading.

#4. Search Rankings are Poor

When you are cannot find your website via popular search engines, then you are not attracting the customers. Then the next big step is to incorporate popular keywords and revamp the website via popular search engines.

#5. When your website is not mobile-friendly

When your website doesn’t look responsive on mobile devices then it is the must to redesign your website because more than 70% of the users are mobile users. hence it is a must to redesign the website.

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