Having a lot of evolution taking place in the world of Web design Technology, there are few misconceptions happening in the minds which are turning as a myth around in recent days, Some of the common misconceptions are put in here as a piece of content here. They are,

The fancier the website, the better they serve!

Having heard this misconception for a while, it is always good to have a fancier website but it doesn’t work all the time. Having a simple and minimalistic design can also have an important part of a website is user experience. The major point is the user must be convenient to access the information across the website, which is considered as the best user experience. This helps the website to improve the load speed time.

Once the Website Is Launched, It Will Instantly Go Viral across the globe!

When your website is launched, it doesn’t mean that it will go viral instantly. It’s just simply put in the search engines. Making a website/ content go viral requires a lot more energy to get your site noticed. Regularly updating the website will help with SEO, having an SEO service done with the experts without wasting resources trying to do it yourself.

Building a website is cheaper as you think!

Absolutely a big ” NO”, Building a Website is affordable but not cheaper as you think because of the cost which entirely depends on the requirements and your business needs.
You get a website as your end result for what you pay for the project. Professionally Experience web designers will make sure that the website has the best user experience with Responsiveness, simple and minimalistic designs so one and so for ensuring the best user experience.

Web design is quick and easy

The website with fewer requirements is easy to build, but when the experience gets larger, it will definitely increase the duration for completing it. Getting a custom build responsive website might take more than a few weeks. But the truth is it can take a bit longer, as expected but especially when the client is involved or looking for something really particular or specific. However, things take time-based on the requirement and priority bu the clients.

Once the website is live, the process ends!

Life of a Website after launching is huge even if it is before launching, once when a website is launched the task is not over there, it has many things to do with it. It is Arguably the biggest myth you have heard about web designing and many understand that the work is done having the mindset that it will simply reap the benefits. But the other works like updating the website on a timely basis, promoting through social media and online ads will show up in google easily. Monitoring and Maintaining the health of your website is very important not only to ensure its functionality but also its visibility with Google and other search engines.

These are the major misconceptions heard on a day to day basis. Hence, this will provide you a clear idea about Web design Technology.

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