We all know that our work is facing a pandemic outbreak which we have never seen before.
This COVID -19 has been affecting most of our business and around the world due to the downfall in the economy.
And every business owner is looking for ways to save their business during this coronavirus epidemic.
Also thinks will take time to settle down and get back to normal, but business can’t hold on right!!
In such a case, the only solution for a Startup business is always to stay connected with their visitors and don’t lose their reputation further.
And this is what we are going to discuss in this blog to increase your online presence even in critical situations like this.

#1. Connect via Social Media

People spend a lot of time on the internet. Yes, you read it right.
And every people dealing with coronavirus pandemic is not the same but so sure that they are spending time online.
Using this situation wisely can serve you with a great opportunity for your business to gain a good reputation.
You can also promote your good deeds in social media and stay connected with your audience providing useful information about your business.

#2. PPC works great

This could be the perfect way to jump pass your competitors with clear PPC strategies
This can be greatly achieved because almost everyone is busy on their phones and there is a lot of time for people to browse and know more about your product.
Also now the cost per click is already low and you can make efficient use of it now.

#3. Being Discoverable!

As mentioned before this is the time where most people spend their time online and this will continue until the situation is getting better.
So anything online would grab more attention and its absolutely not the time to hide offline.
Using Google SEO Strategies can make your website visible on the search engine.

#4. The circumstances demand a special offer!

As you all know office can really attract more and more customers to your business and this is a fantastic opportunity to provide offers for your customers.
Think about the attractive offers you can give to your customers which is helpful at this point in time.

#5. Bounce back surge hype

Do you know what will happen if the situation gets normal?
The customers will return to their regular shopping traits like before.
And don’t forget to as a long term strategic plan.
So start your search engine optimization right now will a life saving for your business.
So people remember you from that and get back to you when the ever everything returns back to normal.

#6. Local SEO does a good job!

This is absolutely the golden time to work on your local search engine optimization plan stating that you still exist in the market.
This is all so the best way to beat up the competition and run ahead from your competitors.
Also, customers are looking for the conveniences opting for products/services locally or near them. So it can be a great way to locally optimize your keywords.

#7. Organize your digital duty list for the future.

Now that you’re well a lot of time during this pandemic you can easily organize the digital do to list or the strategies you would be performing in the future.
This process helps in marketing your products/services easier without stressing on it.
This can also be a great time to finish all the half left or incomplete ideas that grab attention in the past.
Also, revisit your underperformed marketing campaigns that failed for some reason and work on remarketing strategies.

Hence it doesn’t matter if you are a startup enterprise for leading enterprise it all depends on the marketing strategy and your brand recognition you follow to attract consumers.
There is no doubt in the fact that the situation is temporary but the things you do at this time make more sense to your business which can even leave a good/bad impression on your customers.

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