If you own a business that has an online presence, then it’s important to generate leads and convert them as your business.
The struggles of connecting to visitors and converting them into your customers is really a hectic task for any business.
Hence we have sorted down the process of converting a customer online.

How to sell your service online!!
The following are the exact ways to sell your service online and there are various stages involved before reaching the crucial sales point and they are
– Website Traffic (customers visiting your URL)
– Prospect (customers visiting your website)
– Lead ( customers turning into potential clients)
– Sales (the final step in converting a lead to the client)

All these above steps have a different perspective and strategy to follow with.

Step #1 On how to sell your service online!

-Drive traffic to your website.
It can be either free or organic traffic, it can be either paid or free.
And here is the,
Social Media – Connecting and engaging individuals in Social Media.
Blogging – Composing high-quality content related to your business with a long-tail keyword on Google.
SEO – Creating a targeted audience on your website for the ranking purpose.
Direct Outreaching – Reaching via e-mail and direct message.

#Paid Traffic
There are many advertising platforms sources that drive traffic to your website.
– Google AdWords
– Facebook Ads
– LinkedIn Ads
– and other social media advertising platforms.

Like so obviously they are costlier as days pass by but are effective for gaining an audience.

Step#2 Cultivating your business prospect!

When someone visits your website through paid advertising or free traffic, they are legally your prospect.
Ok, so the first step is to identify who is visiting your website and their needs on visiting your website.
The different problems your they face while visiting can be sorted down.
Once when you identify your potential clients, you will
Be aware of the next upcoming steps.

Step#3 Reaching them through primary and secondary offers!

Your clients can be the best thing that has happened to you and what’s more attractive to the client is the offers we give them, which is just one more step to the whole process.
Free consultation, free audit, free sessions can be really impressive during the initial conversion process.
The secondary offers can be more of gathering information to make a purchase decision which can be in the form of free reports etc,etc.,

Hence these can be the first part of most important converting customers online.

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