Years before, google started ranking websites that have a high content in the SERP.
This gives a better user experience and increases the relevance of the search results.
The outcome appeared like the more content a business put on their website, the better their website performed.
And many came up with blogs & popular content creation but google preferred quantity instead of quality.
So here are the tips that will help you improve your content’s searchability.

#1 – Defining Keywords

Defining keywords is the main part of the whole content strategy.
The search engine uses the keywords to categorize the material and establish relevance during a search.
Using the right keywords is more important than putting it in a better place.

#2 – Choosing Correct Keywords

Picking keywords that people are searching for and which is relevant.
The easiest way to find an accurate keyword is by using Google’s Keyword Planner.
But most importantly it should contain a recognized search string and related terms.
Using such a tool will also revel the keyword strength and the average search results and many more,
Thus using the right and accurate keyword is important.

#3 – Evaluate the Competition

Once when you have identified the accurate keyword, then search on the keyword.
If your search engine turns around hundreds of search results then you know that the competition is HIGH.
Rather it’s very hard to rank using that particular keyword.
And also if the search results are pretty low, then it so obvious that nobody is searching for that term.
So choosing your keyword is as hard as framing content.

#4 – Install WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress website, then install an SEO plugin will help in ranking.
Yoast plugin is the leader when it comes to on-page SEO.
It helps in guiding your content and is fully optimized and Google-read.

#5 – Content Specialist for your website

Hiring a content Specialist can help you in delivering the finest of the website content.
Lookin for the writer who understands SEO and how content marketing works.
Good content can be the best asset you have in an online strategy.

So concentrate on the above points for accomplished web content.

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