Continuing up with the previous article, here comes the next part.
There are a lot more things attached to the web design process, it’s like describing many different things with the same word.
Well here in this article, we will discuss in the next process involved in the web designing process.
– Front-end Development & Backend Development
– Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization
– Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking
– Website Speed & Security

6. Frontend & Backend Development

The front end is all about CSS, HTML, the structure of the page itself, along with design, layout, and colors.
The languages used in the front end is HTML and JavaScript.
JavaScript interface usage is responsible for most of the user interactions.
Firstly the graphic designer will start by designing a mobile-first design, and then the front end developer will be responsible for the framework to ensure the site will respond to all the different devices it may be viewed on.
Just like the front end, there’s a lot of back-end development languages like PHP, Linux Apache, My Suite, and more.
and websites become more and more complex they movt into what are called web applications or web apps.
A website that becomes more and more complex when they have web applications or web apps.
A complex website can have the back-end more might have a number of filters, shopping carts, etc.
They have a capacity of processing large and complex amounts of data do it through backend functions.
Backend is performed on the website can execute all the desired functions.
The more complex the functions, the better and more skilled the developer should be. Some of these websites might include hundreds or thousands of pages.

7. Search Engine Optimization & Conversion Rate Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about getting your website on the first page of the search results page.
The main key point for SEO is keyword research.
Finding out what the potential customers are typing into Google when searching for the products or services you offer.
There is n number of keywords associated with the related keywords in your specific industry that you can rank for.
But your main strategy should focus on the super competitive ones and trying to be number one is a less difficult keyword – at least when you’re starting out.
In addition to this, SEO involves tagging the pages on your website and to optimize keywords you find.
It is also important to note optimizing the content on your website using the best SEO practices because Google can index your pages appropriately and help customers find you.
Conversion rate is the process of putting different versions of what you are testing out and comparing the results using A/B split testing.
This is mainly to analyze which one is better and has the highest conversion.
Conversion rate optimization is the norm for big companies and they perform with every other valuable resource.

8. Website Analytics and Conversion Tracking

Website analytics and conversion tracking is the most efficient way to get data about your website’s performance.
There are various tools to track data and Big companies have in-house experts that focus solely on analytics and make recommendations based on what they find.
Even small companies that can’t afford to hire a full-time analytics expert can benefit from knowing what their website is doing.
It can be as basic as knowing how many people are visiting your site.
If you’re not getting the traffic you want, then that one data point would inform you that you probably want to evaluate your SEO.

9. Website Speed & Security

The website speed check is based on how fast your website loads!
Thinking that a lag in a few seconds mightn’t make much difference, But it does make a difference!
The load time will have a great impact on your results in Google search rankings.
Every lag in the website load time can lose 10% on your conversion rate in the eyes of the Google algorithm and It’s a big deal.
Also, More and more people and businesses are getting their websites hijacked and held for ransom.
Due to this, there is a risk of transferring sensitive information, are transmitting sensitive information, or just like your website and want to keep it that you protect it with the appropriate security software.

Hence all these points are important to understand what Webdesign is all about.

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