Social media, Google Ads, Facebook ads, all these are the giant creatures capturing the world and ruling the business. Yes, it is not just for entertainment but also has strong business motives behind it.
I swear there is a lot of rock-solid competition and mega-marketing strategies involved which might be a little confusing. But each has its importance and dominance.
If your business target is to reach out to a lot of customers, then both Google’s search network or Facebook’s news feed is good to go.
Google ad saves lives of billion people by answering their queries and making it an attractive platform to stay. But before laying approaches on a business aspect. Get an ideal answer for the below questions, which lay as the footpath, for framing marketing strategy.
What’s the end-goal of your business?
– Brand recognition or
– Lead generation.
How is the goal beneficial to your business?
By answering these two, you can conclude with a decision. If Lead generation or sales is the answer, then both the platforms are perfect for you. Or, if brand awareness is your end game, Facebook is the medium for you.

Here is the secret revealed: How to use Google Ads to get more leads?

The approximate reach of google display ad campaign is 80% across the globe.
People will look into the brand/business if they find the Google Display Ads or video-based content ads interesting.
Also, the click-through rate is across 0.08% in the USA and it’s the best place for getting started.
Before getting into, locate the relevant keywords using a google keyword tool and keyword planner, which later optimize as target keywords relevant to your brand/business.
With Google Ads, you can achieve the history of your keywords, complete study of competitors business and the difficulty level of the keywords and the bidding ranges.
This will give you an idea of what the competitors are bidding on, and how much do you need to invest in campaigns, that is right for your business.

A Guide on Facebook Advertising in the right way!

 Facebook has some serious targeting options and in reaching a wider and the correct target audience. Here, these few tips can get you started,

An Analysis of previous sales and campaign records can help.
This feature is targeted to a similar audience by matching with their interest.
Researching on a new set of audience can improve the ratio.

Image SEO is trending live!

The image on the campaign counts for about 75 – 90% success on an ad campaign on Facebook. Creating an impressive campaign is most important for a successful campaign.
Also, it is not always about Facebook Ads vs Google Ads but using both Facebook and Google together.

The process starts with Facebook and ends with Google.

You can easily attract brand awareness through Facebook and expose products to the audience and generate lead from Google Ads.
Once when your audience is known you throughout facebook and move further to facebook ads for attracting leads. this creates confidence among people buy your product on Google, as they are already familiar with the product. And that’s the power of Google and Facebook to acquire more leads.

Use Target people both for Facebook and Google Ads.

Know your target audience through google ads because there are vast opportunities and will exactly know people who are really looking for it. Specifically in Facebook campaigns, which has a detailed audience based on gender, location, household, and various demographics which is always helpful in retargeting. Also, which can help in cost perspective.

The same audience can help!

Facebook has the best lookalike audience and this helps your brand grow further. Overall synopsis is Facebook has a lookalike audience as Google and research on both the impact of the platform reflects on your audience.

By Concluding,
Comparatively, both Facebook Ads vs Google ads are good to go but it isn’t wise to prefer one over another. Adopting both and create a larger impact and create unique benefits for any business what-so-ever. Each platform has it’s the diversified target audience. By repeating this point, Facebook can create brand awareness and this lookalike feature to gather the audience and use that data on Google ad campaign.
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