Cost perspective is the main reason involved for business in selecting the cheap and free website. This piece of content explains you on the harmness caused for the website when they choose a business choose a cheap and free website.
They are as follows.

1. Tight Budget

This is the first and the foremost aspect or the criteria involved for selecting the cheap and free website . but you cannot expect quality over cheap and free website .So selecting a website design company with strong portfolio can do justice to your website.

2. When online presence doesn’t matter much.

Many business medium many modes of marketing as their main channel for their primary sales and your business may not demand an online presence to experience fruitful profit.So in that case you can opt social media strategies for effective sales volume if relevant.

3. Performance and scalability issues

These cheap websites are not optimized for performance and the might be developed by an unskilled developer, with poor code structure. And as time prolongs, it will be difficult to add code and make alterations in the website. hence fixing these issues make up to a hectic task.

4. You will be one among the crowd and not no beyond the crowd.

Getting a website designed on a pre set template will not make your business stand out from the crowd because, they already exist in the market and the visitor will not find any change or feel the difference.

5.Risk is the breech of security

Cheap and unskilled designer will not follow the security method of practice and this will even control your website. Hence these ma even not yield a good security and have a high chance of
getting hacked.

6. After sales support is tough.

Having after sale support with little or less activity is completely unjustifiable approach and more over providing support to a static website is very hard for the tea, to update on hence develop a good website with after sales support n a web designing company.

7. You lose your customer easily.

A website works lot more than the looks and if we have a poor website, there are many chances of loosing a visitor -> customer and which is actually useless having a website. Also if it isn’t SEO friendly then it’s definitely worth not having a website.

So, if you are thinking of getting a free website then, it’s time to rethink on your decision. Deciding on the wiser choice is the most essential need of the hour if website is considered crucially important to your business.

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