Your website is worth a lot of money which you might actually not know, here are 4 valuable hidden assets within your current website that you may not realize you have.

Unknow asset #1 – Your business URL

One of the hidden assets within your current website which would possibly generate the most money is your business domain.
If your domain is only few letters could be easily rank on the website.
Many company acronyms are only 3 to 4 or maximum extend of 7 then they demand big bucks to get the rights to those domains.
In case you are now wondering what your domain is worth, you are not knowing your value.

Unknow asset #2 – Website Longevity

The second next hidden asset in your current website it’s age, the older it is the better it gets.
Google loves to rank the website that’s been more than over 10-15 years,
The longevity shows the permanence and stability to boost the search results and this has nothing to do with website design.
And if you have owned your domain name for many years and regularly updated content and had steady traffic, you’re sitting on an asset many companies
If all the above steps have been performed well, then less you have to spend on ad marketing.

Unknow asset #3 – Backlinks

Overtime, linking your page to your products or your content.
These backlinks are worth their weight in gold.
According to survey, the cost of buying a single backlink in 2018 is $352.92.
And people or business loves them because Google LOVES backlinks.
But how many backlinks does your website have? Do you know that??
Generating more backlinks can generate more worth.
Make use of this unknown but valuable asset by hiring a web designer.

#4 – Intellectual Property

Your website connect belongs to you and is subjected to copyright the moment it’s published.
It represents the significant investment of time and money.
Many come up with ideas, create the site structure, and actually write the words.
If all these have been correctly written, your website content will help with search engine optimization and boost your Google rank.
Not just content but you have other valuable intellectual property on your site. Images (also copyrighted) are big business.
Apart from this, you also have intrinsic value.
This intellectual property defines your brand and how clients engage with your company and It’s hard to put a value on brand recognition.

Thus these are the unknown but the most important assets in the worth a lot of money which you might actually not but now that you know that.

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