So here are the next list of most popular trends,

#5. Push Notification for the win!
This can be the perfect way to attract the audience’s attention that nudges towards that purchase.
More than 95% of e-commerce websites adopt this push notification as part of their marketing strategy in recent days.
This can be effectively used as a re-targeting strategy and also helps in re-engage people on your website which also increases your conversion rate.
With many digital innovations arising, these push notifications are more personalized and sophisticated.
This can be a promotion or an engagement alert, this can be a great way to get a real-time engagement.

#6. Content Marketing still dominates Search Engine Optimization.
Having a prominent SEO Strategy is the best and the effective way for the growth of one’s online appearance.
But an effective content marketing is a long-term effect on your business and it remains a powerful and way to attract new customers to your website and retain them.
There’s no such difference between SEO and Content Marketing Because both play a major role in Digital Marketing strategy!
Google on the other hand ranks only quality content and regular blog posts accordingly and SEO is now dependent on the content.
And this can be an easy hack for small businesses to invest their resources in content marketing as it is considered as the base.

#7. Ultra-Fast load time is a must!
Fast load time of the website pages is the essential factor for the whole ranking of the website and it mainly depends on the UX and SEO.
According to google’s latest update, Ranking is the core essential for the website and speedy pages are the priority for the future.
Faster load time not only helps in website ranking but also helps in increased conversions.
On the other way, if your website doesn’t load within a couple of seconds, your potential customers will exit your page.
And here is why the quality matters and hence ensure that your website load time is your top priority.

#8. UX & UI Design Trends
Ux and the Ui have come to the spotlight in recent years and google’s latest update has the direct ranking factor.
With the evolution in online shopping and websites, UX has a huge impact on your engagements, leads, and sales.
So, here are some of the best practices for UX design that can be incorporated in 2021,
– having simplified forms,
– Live interactions with your audience,
– User reach for better lead conversion and
– Designing for usability and not for sophistication.

All the above features are going to be the most important aspects in the evolving digital marketing trends,
Adopt all these strategies in your business and let your business grow and embrace the new technologies and interactions your customers expect.

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