The online search has been changing as the trend changes and it’s important for you to the adapting SEO strategy.
Also, the most important search arises from voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and in fact, Apple’s Siri.
The study says that by 2020, 50% of all queries are going to be made through voice search which 30% of queries will not run on one screen and some will you voice search.
And as marketers and businessmen, you should be ready to adapt to the changes.
So discussing with your web designer about the voice search-friendly feature is a must!

By the way, What is Voice Search?

Voice search is a series of search that happens in the search engine to make inquiries on the web through web search engines through voice.
Rather than typing your question, you only need to use your voice, and you’ll have a solution to what you’re trying to find.

There are certain voice searches that are being used through virtual assistants, like,
Google Voice Search, Siri (Apple), Cortana (Microsoft), Alexa (Amazon)

So these ways help you to optimize your website for voice searches:
Focus on Long-tail keywords!
It is definitely essential to incorporate long-tail keywords on your website
They use particular sorts of searches that use several keywords rather than only one or two.
This will definitely lead to lower volume but can leave more niche wins and content.
These Voice search queries cover all the question which starts like “who” and “what” questions.
And understanding how people type and the way they speak when asking questions in search engines is the important thing to note.

Your website should be responsive!

Your website should be definitely responsive.
Make sure that it adapts to smartphones and tablets to surf the web.
It has a direct relationship with the device on which it’s displayed, ensuring that the content is viewed on a phone, tablet, or personal computer.

Using Schema on your websites

This is also the most important to optimize the website may be a schema. It’s helpful to be conversant in Google’s featured snippets.

Google My Business listing – Updation

The Foremost important aspect is to make sure that customers can locate them online or through the map.
And that’s how potential customers can find your business is through Google My Business.
Making use of this tool can be the best option.

Content in the Features Snippets

These featured snippets are literally the chosen search results that are featured on the highest of Google before you complicate them.
This can be a win-win battle for the foremost successful content search content.
So optimizing based on the commonly used featured image can help in voice search ranking.
Although it tough reaching there’s no definitive answer on the way to reach this first position.
But still, marketers are trying to catch the exact things that hit success.

Optimization your local program

More than 39% of voice searches have supported with local business information.
Therefore it’s tough for local SEO to enhance positioning during this regard.
SO all you can do is optimize the ‘Google My Business’ page.

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