If you are wondering Why your E-commerce website is not producing the sales? or not getting accurate conversion or responses to your website.
Here are small changes that can be rectified to make the e-commerce website easy turning your visitors into customers and this can be sorted in a few hours!

1. Having an easy checkout process.

Websites having a complicated check-out process make restrict the customer to purchase the products from your website and it also affects your customer’s decision from buying from your website. A safe and secure payment process with easy order forms will definitely easy the way to purchase the product form customers.

2. Competitive Pricing

Next comes the competitive pricing, yet another important factor to consider and this determines if a customer buys from you. It is now made easy for the customers to compare prices with your competitor and choose from numerous alternative retailers for a particular product. So accomplishing informative and affordable pricing is important.

3. Additional Charges leads to Additional Dissatisfaction

Extra fees and additional charges will definitely marks a bad impression in the minds of the customer and the result is losing them without making a sale. On the other hand, e-commerce websites providing discounts and offers with transparent pricing will definitely earn a positive and favorable impression in the minds of the customer. Providing free shipping, delivering the products on time will make the customer feel like they’re getting a good deal at an affordable cost.

4. Going Social

Going social and having a social presence will build a trust factor among the audience. It can also be considered as a vital factor in enhancing an eCommerce website’s credibility, especially taking this era of social media into consideration. At times, customers don’t feel the trust and connectivity and more than 84% of online shoppers refer to at least one social media site for recommendations before shopping online, which is also the place where customers are dissatisfied many times.

5. A website with an SSL certificate.

Having an SSL certificate up to date and it may be worthwhile having it active for all pages of the website. Having an SSL certificate will improve the search rankings of your website let your customers know that your website is secure and trustworthy to use. The customer browser will indicate a warning sign if the website is without SSL.

Therefore, it is very important for the website to have its presence easy for consumers to search for products and services.

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