In a perfect digital world, we would all have a tight content strategy of reviewing and updating our content at regular intervals.
But in real-time, businesses think content updation is a one-time task and leave it after updating your website.
And Hence, it’s time for a content audit!

A content audit is simply the evaluation of the content on your website in accordance with the goal and your business needs.
This evaluation will be based on performance, value, and other key factors that have an impact on your website.

Here are some of the website redesign content strategy checklist!
It’s normal if a business doesn’t have a content strategy by itself but here are some questions that you can use to access the content strategy for your business.

Is it in the current trend?
Check if your content is in the current trend. Some will quickly become irrelevant and some have the capability to retain their value.

Is it functional?
Is the content on the Website being displayed correctly? Did you make a note and fix the broken links and name the images with proper meta description!

Is all the information correct on the internet!
Is the information on the internet correct or has become redundant and check if the names, addressed, contact details are correct without grammatical error

Is the content unique?
Check if the content on the information is unique and not located anywhere around the internet.

Is the content clearly communicated?
This is the most important part of the content audit because content should be easily understood by the audience.

Is the content placed in the right location?
The content should be the easiest thing on the Website and it should be located in the place where it is needed the most.

Is the content useful?
Check if the content offers useful information for the visitors who visit your Website with queries.

Is the content effective!
Check if your content is performing well and contributing to business goals.

So take a glance at each page, the post, and the piece of content if it satisfies the checklist!

Be straight forward in holding the content that is only needed and don’t have the desire for the Sake of having it on your website.

The website design projects are often the catalyst for organizations to revisit their brand again and again and to remember their goals, target audience, and engagement.
Hence content audit helps in finding a purpose of what your website is to your visitors and could help the business grow better day by day!

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