There are n number of reasons that your website is not performing great in comparison with others. However redesigning is one among other things you need to think about. So, Let’s have a look on the 6 important reasons to redesign your website.

1. When your website is not up to trend.

With the latest design trends changing over last few years, compare your present website with the latest trend prevailing. If your website seems to be outdated then it’s time to update your website with the latest design trends. The updated trend will uplift your website with a clean modern look. Thus keeping up with the trend is also important.

2. When your website is not responsive.

Responsive websites can easily adapt to various screen size and websites. Responsive feature is important because your website visitor will not only use desktop but they use different mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, etc. Furthermore google is easing the search even more by providing the information like if the website is mobile friendly. Hence, if your website is not mobile friendly then it might affect your credibility, click-through rate, lead generation and sales.

3. When you want to improve your website lead generation.

A New look with responsive design will be great for website in lead generation. Implementing calls-to-action in many web pages in the website , there is a greater opportunity to convert your visitors into your leads effectively.

4. When your website is in secure.

When you realize the fact that your website is no longer safe or susceptible, then it is completely advice able to change/ redesign the website.Otherwise, the your website will be at greater risk for malware and hacking.

5. When your website is not SEO – Optimized.

A redesign in your website will improve your website architecture and so that it is more SEO friendly. By utilizing custom pageurls, H1, H2, H3 Tags, Page Titles and Alt Tags with more advanced CMS with greater flexibility and optimizing your website easier.

6. Your website currently does not support a content marketing strategy.

More than improving rust, content marketing strategy can build an establish credibility and increase traffic and leads. It will be easy for your visitors to build trust which would cultivate a lead database and implement marketing automation.

Hence we find the above points important if you don’t have a well efficient website. By following the above foot prints , this will greatly help you with your website performance.

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