If you are working on a website redesign, then working on SEO ranking will be a hectic task to deal with, It is very difficult to cope up with the current website ranking. And it is more or less similar to getting ranked to the top from the first. This revamp period should be useful in not only maintain your SEO but look for ways to improve the website look and avoid the tragic mistake of thinking a website redesign won’t impact SEO. There are both technical and non-technical areas to consider the major redesign of web design and development activities. Certain precautionary steps have to be taken, to ensure no damage occurred in the quality of SEO when transitioning from your old site to the new site.

Here are some of the common challenges with SEO while redesigning the website,
– The Content that is removed/changed.
– The changes in the URL.
– On-Page Optimisations in the web pages.
– Adding new content, new sections, new technology, and new features.
– New technical issues with Domain or subdomain changes.
– These are the few challenges while the biggest challenge would be the domain change. The other areas are also considered important as well, but the more chances of complex maintaining will be SEO.

Things to keep in mind while redesigning your website without losing SEO Rankings.

SEO audit on your present website.

Initially, start with Keywords for the website ranking. Beyond redirects, concentrating on-page optimization is considered important.

Setting up 301 and 302 redirects

Redirecting old URLs, to the new is the first and foremost important task after redesigning the website. Once you have the new site live, crawl the old list of URLs to ensure that everything redirects as it should.

Tips to Maintain Page Structure During a Redesign

The Page structure has a lot of contribution to our SEO ranking because ensuring good user experience can drive in more visitors.

– Always remember to update the XML sitemap.
– Do Review and Update Your Website’s – Backlinks before publishing.
– Organize your Internal Link Structure.
– Preserving your High-Quality SEO Content safely.

Finally, here are the tips to Avoid these SEO Website Redesign Mistakes

Now, this provides a list of every tip and do’s while redesigning your website without losing SEO Rankings. Now let’s look into the don’ts

Starting the content from scratch that’s ranking is not advisable. It’s gonna cost you so much.
Update outbound links without fail.
Remember the redirect links carefully.

Thus these are the things to be kept in mind while redesigning your website without losing SEO Rankings.

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