Ok, now most of the people are aware of the fact of SEO in Digitial Marketing for Business, but they don’t exactly know what exactly it is. The business people are busy with Web design & Social Media Management and Promotions but they don’t care about SEO. If all these are the ones that sound like you, then the below details will help you.


It is the main process of maintaining and optimizing your website in order to receive organic and unpaid traffic from search engines. This will, therefore, increase the quality and quantity of the website traffic.
Optimizing or making changes in your website content helps in ranking high on different search engine results pages.
But why do we do this? Getting our website on the top of the search results page and generating organic traffic? The answer is as simple as getting leads and running a profitable business.
The Internet’s Librarians
Search engines aren’t as complicated as you think, but it acts just like a library of information, perhaps everything is arranged in alphabetical order with topics and keywords.
The Search Engine tries to match the user’s search terms with the most accurate and relevant information that is collected in the database, and display the results to the user.

How does Search Engine Works?

The process goes on with 3 steps, They send a bot called crawlers through all the pages and available content on the internet like web pages, videos, audios, images, etc., these crawlers will take a screenshot of all accessible content to the search engine servers. Then all these collected snapshots are organized in chronological history. This is organized into a searchable list and this is called a search index. Then Google and other search engine rank all the pieces of content to the relevant search query using algorithms to display the most relevant search results and the algorithms change, making major adjustments and search engine which meets the relevant results gain repeated user and more traffic. People almost search in Google and Bing which constitutes about 85% which almost shows the trust factor in these search engines.

Your Website Getting Ranked

A study says that most people begin their online experiences through a search engine. The highest rank indicates high relevance and high relevance brings int trust to your website.
Google determines the ranking for the following constraints like on-page content that satisfies the searcher. This commonly leads to reaching your website and converting your visitors to customers.

Content Marketing

Google and Bing employ metrics like clicks, page views and time spent on your webpage. This helps in measuring the level of user engagement obtained in your website, this also indicates the user satisfaction level on your website. The website with more quality, relevance, and content on your website the higher the ranking of pages.

Links to your website

The other way for search engines measures the web site’s credibility is by the external websites that it is linked with. The backlink quality is equally important in terms of quality, also google will ban sites that are attempted to spam backlink.
A Better way to build backlinks is by building relationships with the community and another satisfied user that will link back to your website and they write about it and tag it on social media.
Thus organically built backlinks that are far more valuable than hundreds of spam links generated by a bot. The key point to note is quality content gets shared easily.


Search Engine Optimization vs Search Engine Marketing, SEO is optimizing your website for ranking it first, whereas SEM is marketing your website by bringing your website in the front through ads. SEO is an organic practice and SEM is an inorganic practice. SEM is for paid ads and it offers a paid Adword system where advertisers bid on keywords.
So both are essentially important but both serve different purposes. If lead generation is our target, SEM works for your but eventually, if your website optimization is good, you need no SEM.

Hence all the above details are important for business and the principles of SEO will help your website to generate a steady stream of organic leads and traffic for your business in free of cost.

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