Considering Technologies is more similar to the trends which have vast fluctuations.
But the most thought question, for now, is “if you actually need a website?”

1. Mobile friendly or a nonresponsive website!
Viewers of the website can be from any device either desktops or mobile devices and Google also penalizes non-responsive websites. Hence make sure your website looks good on smartphones tablets and other devices.

2. Slow loading time.
Visitors usually don’t encourage your website’s slow loading time and this may take them to another website or to try out your competitor’s website.

3. Crowded Webpages
White space is considered important for me readers to focus on your content and make sure you don’t have crowded pages throughout your website.

4. Absence of Content Management System
CMS allows multiple users with different permission levels to access your website for which you really don’t need a programming background. The absence of this is definitely a hectic task for people to work on your website.

5. High bounce rate
Bounce rate is the visitors leaving your website from the same page they entered your website without checking out other pages, so if the bounce rate is higher then there is definitely something wrong with the website.

6. Lower conversation rate
Conversation rate is a state of the problem which is present when your website’s product or services is no longer selling as it used to be before and when your website traffic is reduced. So working on what makes things right to improve website traffic is more important.

7. Outdated content and images
Time always represents new trends, challenges, opportunities, and growth, so making the change on your website will definitely have a reflection on values and goals and more of relevancy will be the checkpoint here.

8. Lower search rankings
The best way to gain an audience is to appear on the top of the search results or trying at least to be on the first page so try using keywords that make you list on the top in your search results page.

The perception of an outdated website varies from one to another and but always make sure that your website is eye-pleasing and track accordingly because the website is the actual virtual storefront and it has a major reflection on your company values.

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