Have you ever felt that your website is aging along with you!
Or do your website visitors complain about the poor user experience? Or report your 404 errors? Or do you expect signs of leads but dried up?
So its time to renew your website,

Here are some of the biggest indicators, to tune your website!

#Loading time
Google definitely consider the fact about website speed and it should be the main factors of consideration for ranking purpose.
Irrespective of any devices, the visitors ate not going to wait for More than 30 sec, be be
And fix the website pages according to the speed optimization tip.

#Mobile friendly website
Google’s mobile-friendly website, is only for Website which is responsive over many Website.
And the one which delivers a speedy mobile experience.
The algorithm matches with the Website over any medium and brings them upfront.
So redesigning your website is often needed if your Website faces poor Website experience.

#Organic traffic
Organic traffic = opportunities for conversion.
More visitors to your website can increase the chances of mobile visibility.
So if you have steady organic traffic then it’s fine to proceed with this further, but if there is no expected organic traffic, then you have to opt for a technique to try.

#Orthodox Website
Have you ever looked at the website and felt that it is old?
It might be because, the weak impression of your company, outdated SEO, lack of fresh content can be all the reasons for the Website’s hurt your business.

#Terrible user experience
User experience or UX design is important for the success of converting the website quickly and effortlessly.
It entirely covers the Website navigation and entirely development how the content is delivered.
And if it’s the matter of clearing up the Website, then redesign is the need for an hour.

#When your website doesn’t convert!
Sales, leads, subscribers are the takeaway from the website, but if you don’t get any of these then it’s definitely time for a redesign.
A referral Website should be immediately communicable with your capabilities, through this can convert sales.

So these are the major reasons for people not hitting your website, but these might be the reason for every technical issue you have faced.

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