Choosing a domain name vs choosing a company name, both require a lot of thoughts and considerations before picking a Business Name or a Domain Name.
Your Domain name can be the identity of your brand and by making sure to choose the website name, which fits your business clearly.

#1. Let your domain be easy to spell and type.

Using the correct spelling for the domain name and that which is easy to type is the crucial step for online success. Sometimes not using The right spelling like (u instead of you), can be harder for the visitor to find your website.

#2. Keeping the name short!

Having a domain name that is long and complex, there are chances of mistyping or misspelling the name. Sometimes visitors are too lazy for them to locate and explore. Hence having a short & a crisp name helps in easy navigation of the website.

#3. Use keywords

Try including keywords that specify your business and services you offer to your customers. Choose a keyword which people search often and end up searching for your product & services.
This thereby improves your ranking on the search engine and this makes more sense for your customers.

#4. Target your location

If you are confident that your business serves only a particular area or region then opting a domain name ending with your country would go good. So, This makes your domain name easy for the local customers to find and remember. Else sticking to .com would do better.

#5. Avoid characters in the domain names!

Using characters in the domain name may not attract more visitors because the visitor may not be able to navigate to your website easily and miscommunication happens. Hence, it is better to eradicate special characters and symbols in the domain name.

#6. Stay in the mind forever

There are millions of registered domains available out in the market, so domain name being memorable and catchy is essential. Once you have found out that catchy name and get suggestions for improvisations in the domain name. Then proceed further and register your domain name.

#7. Research

Before registering, make sure that the name you have selected doesn’t have trademark, copyright issues or is the name being used by other companies. This could make a huge loss that could cost you fortunes to lose and thus have a tremendous check before registering the domain name.

#8. Usage of appropriate domain name extensions

The extension is commonly the suffixes that are used at the end of the web address, like .com or .net, etc., Each extension has its own uses and make sure that you select the most appropriate.
But .com domain extensions are the most commonly used domain extension and there are domains like .photography, .nyc and .guru which offer great opportunity to register short with highly relevant names.
Here are the other commonly used top extensions like .co, .info, .net, .org, .biz,.me and these are mostly found on the web.

#9. Protect and build your brand

Protecting your brand from avoiding competitors from acquiring your brand. This can be avoided from the purchase of various domain extensions and also the misspelled versions of your domain name. This prevents competitors from acquiring various versions of your domain name.

#10. Act as fast as possible

Domain names are generally on demands and they are inexpensive too, so checking the availability of your domain name and registering it as soon as possible is also a hectic process.
Book & register your domain name immediately after confirmation.

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