Some of the biggest yet weird complaints we hear from our clients are that we can’t actually see the value of the strategies that are implemented in Digital Marketing.
It includes a lot of time and resources, an approximate budget for every small business for testing their first ad campaigns.
But the majority of the clients end up asking this question of ” Do you really need to invest in digital marketing?” and our answer is yes! and here are the 12 great reasons why.

But on the other hand, here is another question that strikes the customer’s mind, “Why should I invest in digital marketing strategy?”
Here is the -” Because” reason behind it!
Firstly, your website can’t promote itself! and It requires consistent care and support to grow and, in turn, it grows your business.
If your business intention is to generate more leads, make higher sales, and build awareness about the company, each of these requires regular action to be taken!
So every resource being invested in time or money or manpower has a clear ROI that impacts your business bottom line.

The Return on Investment of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation!

Many wierd yet alarming statements from the customers arise and they look like, ” we don’t need SEO, it doesn’t matter in our industry” or “we did SEO a couple of years ago, so we’re good”!
We would like to register this strongly in the minds of our customers that, It doesn’t necessarily mean that your website has to be listed in the search engine once it’s launched!
To be very honest there are more than 1.7 billion websites on the world wide web and your website is just a speck of dust from the whole universe!
As a business having an online business, you need to meet the latest yet ever-changing requirements including the areas like security, quality, authenticity, authority, speed, and UX.
And therefore here comes the ROI in SEO that every business has to concentrate on!
And they are of 2 kinds namely, technical SEO (relating to your website as a whole) and on-page SEO (relating to individual content) and you can expect the following when the optimization is done right!

#1. Improved position in search engine results
There is always heavy competition among businesses to occupy and sustain in the first place in the Search Engine ranking!
SEO earns points when considered the ranking factors and it tells you that search engines how to position your business among hundreds of thousands of other sites on the same topic.
SEO encourages regular crawling and re-indexing of your website on the search engine because every crawl has the chance to rise to a better position.
Because SEO is very important and customers have to understand the fact that your website will be present somewhere in WWW but performing SEO will only make your website visible to your audience.

#2. Increased Website traffic
A better position in the Search Engine Results Page diverts to more traffic and more traffic can add up more potential conversions!
If your conversion rate is more than 6%, think about the number of visitors reaching your website.
SEO helps to target the right audience and brings them to your website.

#3. Better UX and UI
Technical SEO involves a lot of conducting website SEO audits, analyzing the website page results, and implementing fixes.
Better UX and UI like website security and speed, which contributes to a strong experience for each and everyone who visits your website.
And UX and UI data on your site’s user experience, which directly affects your position – and thus, your traffic. It’s all related!

Thus all these are the important factors to consider the ROI in Search Engine Optimisation.

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