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Starting up with new business, you will definitely land up searching or providing the possible ways of generating leads. Here are some simple and easy methods to generate the lead for beginners so that you land in bringing more potential clients as soon as possible.

How many leads do you exactly want?

There are many best and the current strategy for lead generation. But did you know the most used?

Gaining a lead through email marketing can make up 78% of the lead generation technique and with event marketing 73% and content marketing with 67%.

It’s not the strategy that’s important but the way of approaching connections.

So, According to a research, 68% of the professional marketers say that quality leads gains the top priority than a volume of leads and there is definitely a difference in quality over quantity.

So., Let’s talk more about your new business lead generation.

Read on,

Leads for your new business,

Initial steps of lead generation start with a research on a target audience and the most important task is this, to know who you are targeting and if you fail to accomplish this step successfully, then every step after this is a waste of time.

For finding this, you need to put on various questions and try to figure out the answers.

Like, what is the most hangout place for my audience?  And the Main interest of my audience?

Where do they spend money? Etc., Etc.,

Collect data about your audience as much as possible, the more detail your audience is, the more specific your campaigns can be.

It’s agreeable to the point that this task is time-consuming but worth it!!

Follow your audience online, know their likes and dislikes.

Have a copy of everything that interests them, this is more helpful for your later analysis.

Go Social

After doing great research, you should know the great social media channels for your target audience’s communication, before knowing which social media platform is suitable for business.

For instance, if your audience is interested who are 20+ in age and are more interested in fashion/lifestyle. Instagram is the best way to be in comparison with other social media channels.

Each social media platforms have its unique presence and of its existence and also attracts a specific audience.

Now deeply narrow down your audience first choice, and spend your efforts there.

Few recommendations are

Provided for a better approach, they were, Gaining your targets with trustworthy content and tempt them with a targeted audience.

Figure out the audience interest, their pins posts, and videos and build a campaign around it.

Include a link inside your tempting content and direct your audience to your landing page, this has the highest chance of an audience getting a trustable position, contact information and getting converted as an audience.

Then give a shocking surprise with advertisements, and almost all platforms provide a space for advertising. Mainly, Facebook provides the most focused approach, later things can be automated in meantime.

Going Viral

A “You know what”a fact is that more than 70% of the marketers are using content strategy videos!! Video marketing, the most trending feature of 2018 and predicted to grow more in 2020.

But I could sense what you are thinking, How could one take advantage of it?

If that’s the question running around in your mind, there is a super cool answer to this.

Firstly figure out their right presence on their social media channel.

Additionally, if you have their, emails, phone numbers. It’s would be easy for you to deliver your engaging videos to them.

For instance: Instagram can deliver a video for 15 – 60 sec long, the shorter, funnier your videos the more valuable for your business.  

Here’s a list of video creation ideas:

  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Emails
  • Testimonials
  • Social Media
  • Event
  • Promotional
  • Profile

Remember, when you are producing this fascinating content, ensure that you include your brand name which has higher possibilities to contact you and you land up creating fascinating content for your prospective leads.

Emailing conversions

A simple Email sequence can also be a  big problem-solving strategy for your audience and this is commonly called drip campaigning.

And most importantly, each email should be short or even a page less,

Follow a pattern or a series of emails in turning your target into leads and here is an example.

  • Email #1:  Explain your values in that message
  • Email #3: Name your big clients to boost confidence.
  • Email #4: Qualify your message
  • Email #5: Include your product message.
  • Email #6: Reach out one final time.

Tip-Top planning to master for your mail is using templates like these: email follow-up templates and helps in saving more time and can convert to 10x clients.

That one-main successful drip campaign for the way you approach with them and address your offers and doing a favor of solving their problem.

Hit them with truth, deal with big name and use stories, do as many to increase your authority and branding through leads especially don’t forget about images and videos.


The most important of all times- your visitors contact information that you have gathered from your social media has its own efforts and it’s probably the best time to consult.

When you instantly receive any lead, arrange for a consultation, if you don’t have a contact info, then have a conversation through your social channels. Like, Offer free 10-minute consultation campaigns or something equivalent. Keep it crisp. But our goal is to acquire new leads.

What’s Next?

Well, We have briefed you on how to acquire in  the easiest way,

It’s time now create a plan for how to generate leads for your new business?

If it’s not entirely collapsed, that’s alright.

We are always ready to serve you the needs.

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