Your website is totally an investment for your business, like any other assets your business has.
And every business should have a solid KPI for driving its business goals.
The stronger the KPI, the more useful the data you share to drive sales to your website.

#1. Measuring the website’s performance through Google Analytics by Pageviews and Dwell time.

These can be the best ways to measure the website’s performance with views and dwell time.
These page views are the most straightforward approach to knowing your worth.
They are helpful in many ways like,
Track your visitors in the About us/ Team, Project, or case studies, contact us page this helps to find out how many is having a look at it.
Dwell time is the average time spent on your website or a particular page, this will easily reveal your content marketing if it’s working or not!
This can be your KPI but make sure on your content that is on your website.

#2. Tracking the KPIs using Google tag Manager!
Most of the best websites are captured using Google tag manager and this helps in building business goals.

Having downloadable website features like research work, manuals can be tracked here and this is used mainly in government-funded programs.

#4. Video plays
This is where most of the clicks appear and you can attract more clicks especially when it’s about your story and another great way for generating website KPI.

#5. Buy Now links
Buy now clicks are the most effective engagement points in the website and it stands as a precious point to track that precious click on your website.
In this way, you can see which product is getting the best engagement rates and it helps in further development.

#6. Email options
Configuring tag manager with a newsletter can help in the analysis of the email sent to your client’s inbox and this helps in the effective usage of the e-mails.

#7 Requesting a demo/ free trial and Clicks to email, phone, get directions
Another most important part of the KPI is requesting a demo and free trial.
This helps to track and know if your customers are fully engaged in or interested in your website through the tracking of the call to action button.
It’s almost considered a lead.

#8. Form submission
They are one of the best ways to measure the performance of the website and the whole purpose of the website is to get this form filled.
This gives a detailed account of audience demographics, device, location, etc.,
Best for conversion.

#9.Social Media links
For the increasing reach and growing your online community is the major key business goal, then social media contributes much to the website’s KPI.
This helps in knowing which social media platform you are strong at.

All the websites have3 different conversion points and it need not be the same for every website and it might vary from website to website.
Hope these might help you in understanding the website’s KPI.

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