Having an Online presence is often described in many ways like customer engagement, services and sales promotion and many more. But for all these to happen in a successful way your first impression matters. Based on how “your website looks to others”.Your ONLINE APPEARANCE and the first impression speaks a lot and stays in the mind of many customers. Yet many people concern is about the appearance first. SO having a strong User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) is essential for any business and every web design company helps to bring out a website with excellent Web design. Here the importance of UI & UX is discussed.

UX & UI explained

UI – User Interface, concentrated mainly on the visual aspects of your website and the overall goal of a UI in a Website is to ensure user interaction and overall user experience with a good UI design and the visual aspects of your website and to access the information easily.

UX –  User Experience,  this UX concentrates mainly on the interactive design of the website with deals completely with website integration, design and usability.

Which is Powerful?

Again this point is very clearly conveyed here, A website is not considered as a fully developed website when it lacks either of the UX & UI  in it.

A creative and good looking website which is difficult to navigate and locate content and call-to-action is worthless also,

An easy to navigate website with poor UX & UI spoils the brand positioning and user experience and leave an unsatisfactory image in the minds of the audience.

* Responsive and rich Visual Web Design.

The current trend and the most useful update on web design is developing a responsive website design,which is the website is adaptable to all devices to ensure your visitors will find it easy to navigate and find information easily with eye-catching UI experience which is also important for the company’s brand because the appearance of the application impacts the interaction of its users.

*  Wireframe design with usability.  

An interactive wireframe is about testing your application/website before launching. Checking for all the user-friendly web design including features, look, and usability and a detailed checking on features like an application or visiting the site for the first time, to check if application/website is easy to navigate is considered the most important task.

*  Place easy navigation menu bars.

Having a clear navigation menu helps in more customer engagement. The visitor should easily navigate from pages and shouldn’t doubt on how to proceed and that’s how navigation works. So it should be friendly without any difficulties for the visitors.

It’s absolutely easy knowing about UX & UI, but it plays an important role in the implementation and the communication between the audience and the website takes place here. So, having a well-furnished website with perfect UX & UI combinations is essential for client attraction and brand development.

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