There is always a concept which is called ” Phantom Deliverables”.
The idea is that company delivers products or services which their clients never asked for.
But what’s more important is that it should be easy for them to update with the adequate resources they have.

Custom vs Template Website

To be very precise, a custom website is constructed or built from scratch to meet the needs of the customer. If a website is a true custom website then there will be no other than this website or you couldn’t find any. This application has a custom surface design and coding on the backend.
Whereas the template website is built using a third-party tool and sold to be the base for many websites the variant things here signify is the dressing, Colors, styles but the base remains the same for all the websites that it uses.
Hence these are the major difference between custom and template websites.

Things to consider while coding your custom website,

Being it a custom or temple website, there are basically 2 ways,
Either you can design and code or code and design later.
But on a custom design website, you actually start with the design or look of the website.
Here, the Web designer determines the client’s needs.
Then they write codes around the design.
Then they update the elements and not codes created.
But on the other hand, there is no need to understand coding to maintain or change your website updates.

But, Easy to update website save your money

The other benefit of a custom website is that it saves your money and initially it cost more during the formation phase but the maintenance is absolutely made easy.
But on the other hand, it is quite expensive to update a custom-designed website because it involves designers to spend their time and knowledge on it.

Custom development results in Easy to update websites!

But this falls away apart from our customers in web development services offered by us, we always offer what client really wants and offer in saving your time and money in the maintenance process, through this easy to update process, the client keeps approaching us again.
So if you are stuck in between anything approach us for a custom-designed and well tailor-made website for your business. 

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