Navigation is the main objective of your website to have a purpose. It acts just like a highway sign, navigation leads to a destination.
From a business viewpoint, strong website Navigation is based on the website user’s decision.
Navigation is crucial for success for SEO. This search engine takes user interactions for getting ranked.
And most importantly, navigation can make or break a decision.

Types of Website Navigation:
It’s a behavior than a form of navigation but it’s definitely a choice of mapping your website content.
The content which is available by scrolling down a single page should lead to a visitor’s experience!
Serving the right decision at the right times is considered important for the user’s decision.

#Menus and Sub- Menus
This can be the first type of website navigation that strikes in the minds of the visitors.
They help visitors to travel around the website hierarchy.
The types of the menu on your website and placing them depends on the audience’s needs and demands.

#Icon, Images, and Buttons
It’s always the most used and extremely popular form of navigation. The icons, images, and buttons are suggested to have a website on the icon, images, and buttons.
They should definitely be eye-catching, particularly mobile responsive.
They are the most widely used and understood navigation options.
Most internet users understand that icons are the types of utility navigation that helps visitors to access your website.

#Linked text
It’s a standard form of navigation that is not so fancy and doesn’t require a lot of effort. It helps users to literally move around your website easily.
Other examples of linked texts can be the table of contents, external links to other sources.

Thus these can be implemented in your website for better ranking and for better user experience.

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