For a great user experience and a good SEO ranking, Website Speed matters a lot. In fact, Google’s search algorithm includes Page speed and load time as a part of parameter for ranking the page. Hence Google consider Page speed for Ranking.

OK, Is your WordPress site really slow?

If your Website loads pretty quickly, because every millisecond literally makes a difference. Since, Page speed counts in google ranking. It is important to upgrade your website to load faster for better results. Here are few points to be noted.

Hosting Service Selection:

Shared hosting is an option for low traffic sites, but shared hosting is an option for low traffic sites but as your site traffic grows you need to scale your hardware.But the dedicated hosting is for the biggest sites which has millions for daily visits.Buy assuming various factors into consideration,a trust able and shared hosting plan serves the budget on the basis of costing basis. But selecting the best service provider is also important for a website to perform well. Hence, good support and top notch hosting solution that creates really fast websites.

Make use of Best Caching Plugin:

Making the best use of the caching plugin.which that works efficiently to optimize your website for speed. Now, that there are many caching plugins which seems complicated for newbies. So consulting a web development company will help in selecting a better option. This caching plugins enables decreases load speeds, cache pre-loading to help with site indexing by search engines
Hence selecting a high- rated caching plugin can be the best option.

Choose The Right Framework:

The Website Frameworks form the scratch to the finishing it is important to ensure overall good performance of the website. The theme, the website, the niches should be attractive and engaging for the higher website ranking. This will automatically speed up the website load time.

Using Compressed Images and Plugin diagnosis is a must:

Using Compressed Images for the website will optimize your website speed. Using images with more than the limited size can lower your website speed and this apparently can reduce the google ranking. Hence, Compressing the images will help bring down your site load times without losing much of the perceived image quality.

The undated plugins can heavily impacting your site load times. But If any plugin affects your website performance, then find alternate plugins.

Hence, It is important to have a check on all above points to have a optimized website speed time.

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