Static HTML Website or a WordPress Website either of these have an unique And attractive features to serve it’s purpose. But selecting either of these is absolutely depends on the requirement of the client for Website Development. In this Article we will have a detailed discussion about WordPress vs Static HTML Website.

WordPress, What is it?
WordPress , An user friendly interface, which helps in managing your website , making changes which seems absolutely easy for beginners to understand. With a large number of “Content Management System (CMS)” available in the market, WordPress is quite popular and branded service provider.
Take a look on pros and cons of using WordPress.

Advantages of Using WordPress

User – friendly Interface:
WordPress has an easy to use interface, for creating or updating pages on your website without any technical knowledge, or without seeking a massive help from developer.

Professional Templates:
There are many Read- made professional templates available out there to use instantly for your website.There templates that you can use on your site. These themes are basically developed by professionals for the WordPress users to make use of them.

Control of your website:
You own the full control of your website, the website details and the contents.Any changes in the website can be done regarding the SEO, plugins and the updation which can also lead to site popularity, traffic, sales, and users.
Plugins – an added Advantage:
The Advantage of having a WordPress website is Plugins.It helps website in many ways for the complete functioning. By installing plugins your existing website can have modules such as adding a contact form, e-commerce cart, photo gallery, and more.

Disadvantage of Using WordPress


Maintenance is the most difficult task when it comes to the WordPress website and you have to be greatly responsible for keeping WordPress updated with installed plugins, and themes.
Then, Static HTML Website ?

HTML is Hypertext markup language , scripting languages used to display web pages on the internet. It’s basically a script language which involves a code and is not user- friendly. Additionally CSS, JavaScript and some other coding languages are involved in building a website.

Advantages of a HTML Website:

Maintenance is occasional:

A static website will not demand any updates or regularly backup, even if the website is live. For a safer side backup is advised once in a while.

Lower Requirements :

Html can run in a cheaper server with or no resource unlike PHP or MySQL which demands a server. Hence, Static Website require simple or nor requirement.

Disadvantages of a HTML Website

No Updates

Unless you know Coding , updating a static HTML websites is very difficult and even for beginners. You will need a back-end support from web development company for adding new pages, updating old content, or uploading videos or images.

Additional Features are Charged

When your demands for adding new updates like a store, a survey or poll, a gallery, etc.the cost of developing a HTML website could get much higher than a WordPress website. n such a case you should seek help from a web designer , else they would recommend you to move to WordPress.

The details mentioned above clearly state the pros and cons of both WordPress and HTML websites. And it’s absolutely depends on requirement for building website.

But, if you are pretty sure that you don’t demand updating your website. It’s better to opt Static HTML website. But on the other and if you want to have full control of the website and not waste money then WordPress is obvious choice. It’s absolutely your choice in opting either of the both.

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