Here in this article, we will reveal the secrets in internet marketing in revealing the best layout design ideas for designing your website homepage.
Considering the aspect that the homepage is essentially important to attract the customers initially.
But the real challenge is the structuring of websites based on the user type and their needs.
Some visitors may arrive at the website for gathering information, making a purchase decision,s and look for the best option available.

Framing the layout of your website’s homepage!

The first thing to consider is site map Integration of various pages on the website.
Once when the pages have been established and are prioritized based on the importance and are placed on the top level of the navigation menu like Home, About us, Services, Portfolio, Pricing, Blog and Contact Us.
Once when the pages are done it’s is most important to follow this website navbar.

– Testimonials
The testimonials are basically the customer reviews on your product/services.
This is done to increase Social proofs and likability.

– Logos
Adding the partner’s logo or association logo to your increase the authenticity and Social proofs.

– Stats
Adding quick eye-catching stats on your website is very useful for user attraction.
This easily helps in capturing user attraction and gather information too quickly.

– Newsletter Signup / Lead conversion
The visitors who aren’t ready in making buying decisions can either stay in touch with the company.

The next step is sorting all the pages in order of preference and conceptualizing the wireframe.
Then these conceptualizing wireframe turns into a beautiful website.
This is how the wireframe converts itself into a website.
Hence a beautiful looking website, with the relevant pieces of content on their website.

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