Wouldn’t that be great to have a fan base like how a soccer team or an IPL team for your business!!
Sounds interesting right??
Well yes, you can actually have a fan base like them.
But fans here are not your visitors but customers.
They are your ardent followers and who are more associated with your brand.
And they are the ones who rush into your stores and buy/avails the newly released products/services.
Most of the brands are customer-centric and follow specific ways to acquire new customers and retain their old ones.
The following has been discussed in detail.

So the first step is,

Keep your customers, delighted!

It is always important for you to keep your customers delighted in the way how Jeff Bezos finds all possible ways to keep the customer delighted.
It is important for all business people to know what’s wrong with the customer while having an extended after-sales service.
And you will find the real magic happening when you lend your ears to your customers.
It’s really important to listen to your customers by calming them down, sorting things down, but only a big company does all these things.

Fix the problem after listening to it!

Hearing a lot of stories won’t resolve the issue but we should be fixing it with a smile.
Listening but also solving the issue works great.
So when you promptly solve your customer’s problem with s big smile, they become your fans snd this will spread through word of mouth through many people.

Listen and act proactively!

It’s important to know that competitors are also online.
And they are deeply keenly listening to you.
People now are vigorously into all the social media watching videos, clicking and uploading pictures, and writing about their favorite brands.
In short, people are literally branding you and your product online and they will feel great if you can have a conversation with them.
This is more commonly called as customer engagement.

Following up with your customers

The business actually hurry up after this process that’s actually after converting a customer
And that’s following up with them.
A call after an immediate transaction would really mess their mind because it’s really hard to give their opinion right away.
And following such procedures may annoy your customers.
The best thing you would do is ask for feedback after some time later.
These are the most genuine feedbacks customer give you for what you have done to them.
Try reaching your customers for and valued feedback after providing them all the services they asked from you and you delivered it at its fullest.
This can also help you in building a strong bond between the customers.

So it’s high time for the business owners to have and self-evaluation on their business and put forward these questions and have an analysis for doing it right.
If you don’t take the fierce competition seriously then your competitors might turn them as their fans.
So do something that your competitors are not even thinking about doing it.

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