You know what, there are more than 2 billion websites exist in the world at this moment. But, the biggest of all shock is that 9 out of 10 sites are inactive. So, it means that they are not updated constant basis, they rarely have zero or less user traffic and don’t convert people for their business. So here in this article, you will come to know about the Webdesign principles that rank within the top 10places in the search engine.

1. Optimize your website loading speed.

Going by the title, the content in the web page has to load as fast to keep the visitors active. This feature has to be kept standard for any device be it desktop, phone or tablet.
Most importantly, the website should load within 3 seconds when clicked or typed into the browser. According to the survey conducted recently,
More than 73% of mobile users have reported that many websites take a long to load.
Pages with less than 5s load time have 5 times the bounce rate comparatively.
If your webpages take more than 100 milliseconds to load than the usual timing then your conversion rate may decline.

So, even these milliseconds are more important for keeping up with the market standards.

2. The website should be easy to locate.

Locating your website directly means, that you can easily locate them on the webpage, which means you need to be easily available on the first pages in the search engine.
By doing this, it allows people to easily locate you and develop a random impression may be positive or a negative image in your mind or a recommendation from a known person.
But on the other hand, when your content is engaging, the website visibility on social media is a must. When Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn has millions and millions of active users round the clock, it is important t maintain and engages your active users throughout the day.

3. Have a check on formal guidelines, privacy regulations, and Cyber Security:

Following formal guidelines, privacy regulations, and Cyber Security it is important to have an online presence safe and secured. If you are a small business, then you need to have a double check on the security because ” there is one hacker attack happening every 39 seconds and more than 43% of all cyber-attacks and 4 million records have been stolen from data breaches every day”. But another way to secure your website is to invest in an SSL certificate, a bodyguard equivalent for any network connections between browsers and the server that hosts your website.

4. Testimonials with Social Proof.

Web design features being innovation once has now become an industry standard. And being unique is what is considered most competitive and displaying trustworthy and reputable testimonials on your website will definitely increase your competition and reputation. This is to highlight to the website with testimonials from valued customers helps in easy customer engagement.

5. Maintenance is the key

Now that maintenance is the most important thing that many people fail to follow, maintenance is important for a website’s health and to keep the standards up with the competitors. So regularly updating the WordPress if it is a dynamic website and updating the plugins and bring a solution to all the error pages will come along in the maintenance part.

By concluding, the above information is subject to principles followed in the current trends in the field of web design. So, it is good to follow these steps until it becomes obsolete.

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