As advertisers staying up with the top 100’s of algorithms is essential to positioning our digital content and growing the impact of organic search.
So here are the most relevant SEO figures to help you make masterful digital marketing choices in 2020.
However, these metrics will help you with a great amount of web traffic and will attribute real value to the brand investment you’re creating.

#1. Google is accountable for more than 75% of all worldwide mobile traffic. SO following up with the rules of Google helps in competing with SEO and you can’t deny the power of Google Searches.

#2. Google earned nearly 2.3 trillion searches this year and you know what users are looking a lot in it. This search includes everything like purchasing online, comparing prices, shopping and everything.

#3. From the billions of searches happening daily, google itself id new to 15 percent of daily searches. This can be because of the content-generating day by day.

#4. 67.60% of all the clicks are compensated from the first five organic results, on the first page alone.

#5. The 2 critical factors that Google uses to rate the website for searches are high-quality content and link creation.

#6. More than 57% of marketing persons state that the creation of content on the website was the most successful SEO strategy and many professionals agree that content rules the roost when it comes to SEO.

#7. The average words used in Google’s top-position page is 2,416 words. So you need to infer that the providing content more than 2000 words on the page bring in ranking to your website.

#8. And when considering the voice search response page’s average word count is nearby 2,312 characters. So, people, do a voice search the queries remember that.

#9. The more backlinks a website has, then it gets the most traffic it gets from Google.

#10. It is also said that the more backlinks a website has, the more traffic it gets from Google for their website.

#11. Website views, times on line, pages per session & bounce rate as the top 4 rating factor. Long quality content and internal linking have a heavy weightage when it comes to rating factors report.

#12. 52% of all online traffic worldwide come from phones according to a fact in 2019, 45% from the web. The desktop can be the main source but, if you want to succeed regionally, nationally, and internationally, your website still needs to be mobile-friendly.

#13. According to the SEO Experts, the headline/title tag constitutes about 36 percent.

#14. More than 70% of the marketer suggests that SEO be more powerful than PPC because marketers described SEO as a long-term strategy, while PPC tolerated short-term bursts.

#15. Searches like “Where to buy”, “close me”, “near me” from the smartphone requests have increased over the past two years by more than 200 percent.

#16. Updating and republishing the content on your website or the blog can bring in organic traffic by as much as 106 percent.

#17. A sample voice message consisted of 40.7 percent of all voice search responses. The fact is optimizing your website is important because it is important to rank in the voice search category.

Hence these facts can be helpful to apply in real-time.

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