Ask yourself the following questions if your content marketing, Where is the traffic? Why is the bounce rate so high? because this can pave the way and you might end up discovering some different ways!

#1. Ask what does your audience exactly want!
Look into if your posts are something your customers really care about or engage in detail.
Maybe the customers can expect a solution to solve their problem or generating interest.
Spend some time researching the audience you want to target and look into the competitor’s website or reevaluate the topics you are interested in producing content for!
Try different ways to create awesome infographics for your website.

#2. Check if it is optimized!
Check if the content meets the minimum word count and check if it’s optimized to get indexed by search engines or to be get ranked or to be get found.
Make sure that the content in your website follows a proper SEO strategy using the topics and keywords that are nominal to fit in the website.

#3. Check if it’s being amplified!
Content all alone can’t do all the work and especially on the new websites and that with low domain authority.
Ensure that you regularly share your content on your websites and social channels where your audience would be found, and by email.
Also, consider if you can consider a little part of the ad spend to boost posts for your best part of your content.

#4. Check if it’s the quality that matters!
Take a detailed analysis of the content make sure that if it’s up to the same standard as your services or products!
Think in the aspect if you would you trust your business based on your articles!
Be very sure that your layout is damn appealing and the images you use on the website are of good quality.

#5. Check if it’s all about or only about you!
Remember, content marketing isn’t always about advertising and you are directly not shouting in the reader’s face about your greatness and, you actually show them what you do to reach them and reach that conclusion based on quality and relevance.

#6. Check if you are tracking correctly!
Google Analytics can be the best way to track things on your website.
Check for the error pages, incorrectly tagged emails, and social posts that are irrelevant.
Performing regular tracking of your website is great in determining the website’s performance.

#7. Check from Different Perspectives!
Looking at things and especially this from a different perspective is useful in Google Analytics is because of the depth they can add to your general data.
The overall report indicates the inefficient engagement of a piece of content on the website, but adding the user’s country or city could show that it’s performing really well in your target region.

There are many ways to measure content marketing without heavy time, resources, and budget investments.
Don’t ever give up on content marketing! It might take months or even years to really see the results, but it’s worth it in the long run.

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