If you are searching for a particular topic or an area, for eg. Web Designing then, you are literally having a “Local search” experience. When a Website is strong in an “on-page SEO” it is said that it gets automatically ranked at the top of the search engine. Few local SEO utilities include local keywords, Google My Business listing and Google Map integration. By integrating all these in the website plus the additional directories can boost up position in google pages and can attract more local leads. When there are so many Listing of good business practices, a business must choose a few important practices to boost their online presence which most companies fail to do, Local SEO really does boost your online presence and increases the brand value and yields many more leads.   

Here are some of the top 9 promised tips to boost your local marketing for business.

1. GMB- Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is formally the basic of the local listing and the foundation of local without which business name or their brand name will not pop up- in the google search. This being the starting point for all local and successful strategies and becoming more competitive nowadays.

2. A Professional Business Listings On All Major Directories

And few major Business Directories which is considered most important for business owners are as follows.

  • A Professional Linkedin company page.
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • White page
  • True local

Maintaining a consistent directory listing on these websites can lead to attracting a lot of traffic from the mass of people.

3.Your Top Ranking Location Keywords

Keyword, being the most important part in search engine optimization, these are the main keywords and phrases the user enter and search in google if they are looking for a product or service or info and Google makes use of these keywords/ phrases online throughout the web pages and delivers the most relevant results.

4.Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

A Title and Meta Description tag contribute to the major feature in “on-page” SEO and very first and the big word which appears in the search engine is called as the title tag and Meta description, letting the user know what is it you are searching all about and this gives the content of a whole web page.

You are said to have a great title tag if you have these criteria:

  • Titleless than 55 characters.
  • Clear visibility of the business name
  • A title should include a highly efficient primary/main keyword.
  • A title tag is unique and relevant.
  • Geo-location on title tags.

These are the main feature constituting title tag for better local marketing focus.

5.Social Media Profiles for your business

Another important factor which is having a having a huge influence on  SEO is “SOCIAL MEDIA” presence. The first thing being any business can get more claims for their business which increases the brand ‘s name and online reputation. Obtaining a positive review will also boost your online reputation and many more benefits to the website. 

6.Optimised Images for better SEO ranking

Optimising every image in the website is very important for a reason in SEO ranking, When image search is popular these days, there are chances that people may land up to your website through image searches also.

Also, when images size is bigger, your website may load slowly which also leads to a lower ranking. So, choosing a right optimized images is the only right method for better ranking. Adding to this, another chance for lower loading of a website is because it cannot read or understand image files. Hence naming your images in your website matters a lot. 

7.Mobile Responsive – More Traffic

There is a revolution in the cell phone industry for the past few years and almost every human on earth is likely to possess a mobile phone with internet says the research. The easiest method of improving your local SEO is that you can ensure whether your website is mobile friendly. When people visit you in your website through mobile and when it appears messy, then you have 100% chances of losing your client.

8.Consistency in Citations

By providing the correct details regarding your website like name, Address and Phone number improves your local SEO and stands reliably among the audience. This is called NAP and Search engine loves citations which gradually increases your ranking.

9. Get Positive Online Reviews

Are you shocked by the fact that having a positive online review from your customers would boost your local SEO performance? These online reviews make a great impact because many customers first check out the review of the store/service before availing it. However, having a five-star review is just not enough but positive review goes well with it.

To summarise in a nutshell…

Now, with these above strategies helps any business to automatically increase their local ranking and hence considered as a time-saving aspect.

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