Most of the people worry about the fact that redesigning their website will lose their SEO rank.
Are you one of those?
Here is the solution to make sure you don’t lose your SEO ranking when updating your design.

Establishing your current SEO rank.
Firstly there is no point in preserving it, make sure you check the SEO ranking in available devices and check your current ranking.
Once you know which rank you are in, transfer the data to a spreadsheet for your records.

Establishing the current link structure and meta description.
The next step is to establish the current link structure of your website.
This can be done by transferring everything to a spreadsheet including all the pages like home, about us, services, contact us.
This step will be important when you are checking it against the new website.

Preventing the overall architecture of the website.
Try to replicate the same structure as much as you can, this can include the highest level hierarchy of
This step has a great impact when you have a great ranking and replicate it without messing it up.
So by replicating the same structure gives the best chance of not losing your spot in search engine ranking.

Setting up redirections on changed URLs.
If you change any URLs on your page then make sure to set-up redirects.
This can be easily done using a redirect plugin.

Maintain the same meta description and tagging for all pages.
Use the same meta description and tagging as you did in the previous website with little optimization and
More compressed images.
If you don’t have any meta description defined then Google will produce based on the description on the page.
So pages rank well in when you have an existing meta description.

Avoid common SEO mistakes
Probably in WordPress you would start with overdoing SEO so make sure you do a proper SEO.

So, here are the most effective ways not to lose SEO ranking when you transfer your website.
But if you follow all the steps closely and you end up with minimized ranking contact a professional and seek help.

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