Usually, the website goals should align with the business goals with every website should have a clear goal.
But if the website doesn’t have any goal then it’s going to be super confusing for visitors.
We at Websitica technologies design a website for the client with more care and in an appropriate way.
So if you are more concerned about driving more conversations to the page then it is important to consider these 4 pages.

#1. About us page
This is one of the most underrated pages on the entire website, this poor page is mostly dumped with promotional content and plagiarism.
But here there will be different types of audience visiting your page, one is trying to learn about your company and the other is trying to know about you before making a purchase decision.
They both are the clear stage before conversion.

#2. FAQ page
B2B websites are usually don’t have too many questions, but all these are for the customers who are making the purchase decision.
Because the visitors couldn’t ask anything about you outside the web so your website should have all the answers.
Another benefit is that it is great for SEO.

#3. Why Us
Why Us page is as important as the “about us” page! But this page is mostly merged with the about us page.
This will be the first question any client will ask and at that point, they are getting impressed.
This page is positioned in the middle and it showcases the competitive edge and builds trust and it should be more than interesting about you and the page should convey the same.

#4. Our works/ How we work
It is actually easy to put down descriptive content but, it’s very difficult to explain the work you do or the process involved.
By this page, it gives your potential customers a chance to see what exactly your page looks like, or what exactly it’s like to work with you.
It can either be a timeline or the breakdown of the approach.

Hence these are the four pages in increasing the website conversion and helps in better understanding of your customers.

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