WordPress is the most common and widely used CMS that constitute more than 30% of the websites on the internet.
Most of the web development companies have the most ordinary templates of building a website with so basic landing page and build corporate websites, online communities, and online shops.
But it’s easy to build a WordPress website without using or writing a single line of code, Yes It is possible.
Initially, working with WordPress is not an easy task to handle if you aren’t tech-savvy.
But there are some common misconceptions among many businesses that it’s easy building a website and it isn’t much expensive too.
So, if WordPress is so easy to set up, then how can a Website built on WordPress cost more.
Here is the reason why!

1. Value

In the present business world, success is determined by its website’s performance.
The customer/visitor judges your( business) based on your online appearance, testimonials, and reviews.
The people depend on Google, the giant search engine for almost making every purchase decision.
Having technologies at our fingertips is always easy for the customer to ask any queries on the business you perform.
As said earlier, having a strong footprint online or possessing a strong online presence will easily attract more customers or clients.
Hence, hiring the best and right web design company is important that which helps you in increasing your business visibility.
But on the other hand, opting s wrong company can make your business non-existant.
And there is an important fact which says 90% of the websites get no organic traffic from the search engines, so if you are unfortunately in the wrong place then you would likely joining the 90% club.
Always remember the website(online presence) is not an expense but in fact an investment that is likely to grow in the future if your online presence is set up correctly which means it can generate leads, drive traffic or whatever your website goals may be.

2. The uniqueness and the quality of the design that matters!

Anyone can easily install a WordPress theme and probably customize according to their branding needs but, probably look like a thousand other websites.
WordPress Premium themes are readily available online and can be customized with a layout similar to thousand of other websites.
Despite its versatility, the limitations of not knowing to programing or that require the knowledge of coding languages such as CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
But Professional Web Design companies have the potency to build brand credibility, take into consideration the UX user experience and use quality images and other factors that attract user behavior and conversions.
At last, when you look into the website’s end results it’s almost indistinguishable compared to the normally installed theme and website.

3. The Coding & Custom Functionality

WordPress has n number of plugins available, and they can be easily available. Easy enough.
Many make a mistake in installing tons of plugins often lead to dangerous performance issues, redundant functionality, code conflicts, website crashes.
Understanding the plugins and avoiding unwanted plugins and adding custom code can be the best part of the development process, and important to have an understanding of the framework best practices when adding the code.

4. SEO Optimized.

The most crucial step involved is Search engine optimization and optimizing it to the fullest potential for a better ranking.
And there is no point in having a website when nobody can locate you!
The process of optimizing a website is the most often step which is skipped while building the website.
Many think launching the website completes the whole process of online branding, but the job is not over.
SEO should be incorporated as a part of the web development process including keyword research, competitive analysis, configuring (title tags, meta description, heading tags, internal links, etc) and other factors and these all contribute to increases in website search visibility and ranking. You will get the best ROI through conversions when these features are configured.

5. Time & Planning

The time and cost involved in the project are the least considered.
Web design takes its own time and planning with various stages of development like competitive analysis, gathering requirements, defining functionality, and executing demos on the testing stages are various steps carried out with proper planning given in the required time.
The business allocates budget and other specifications to the company but doesn’t care about the time aspect.
Because web design companies don’t operate like an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant.
But Web designers should always manage client’s expectations regarding the project parameters like scope, time and cost.

WordPress can be free but needs a little planning, knowledge, experience, and value put into for efficient web development project and it is an ideal CMS ( Content Management System for almost any type of website and powers some of the most popular brands in the world.

Hence having all these on your website will have a great improvement on your website. If you stuck in between, we are here to help you anytime!.

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