When you think about building a website, you have to decide on whether to choose a custom-designed website or a Template website, but both the websites have their own pros and cons.

It has a lot of aspects to cover right from picking the color scheme to figure out the layout to narrowing down how many pages you need and how they are arranged in a sequential way how your site looks and feels.
Each has an entirely different look and feel associated with it. But deciding on or opting for one would be rather a difficult task because it is most important to have clear user interaction and having a website with unique features helps to stand out from the crowd and which is more important for your business.

Time & Cost

Template Design will save a lot of time and cost factors and it’s the most affordable web development process. If you have a template that merges with your requirements perfectly then it high recommendable to not spending too much money on the development process. Basically the templates are budget-friendly, with limited content and the basic functions. Another add on point is it’s easy for us to manage security updates and any new CMS patches. Any Issues and warnings can be easily deducted and fixed. There is no hidden or an immediate cost which is the greatest of all the advantages.
Coming back to the custom website the advantage is having a custom CMS that will be set up especially to cater to your exact needs, but all elements have to be updated with the help of the developer which again has high maintenance.


Templates can be restricted and are not very convenient when it comes to adding features to your growing your business.
Templates are already predesigned and will not allow you to change too much of the layout, structure, colors or overall design without the code-breaking.
But if you are forelooking about the growth aspect, wanting to add extra features and functions, later on, a template is not a great choice.
Custom website or the Template website is more adaptable and scalable with any and all the features you need now and in the future.
SEO optimized website is an important feature to have on a website, and it is available in both predesigned and custom-designed layouts.
SO, it is absolutely the client’s decision on selecting a website with either templates and custom designs.


It’s important to look into the identity of the website because uniqueness is the key to success in the competitive world. Having a strict brand identity with a visual language with a company’s branding, logo and style are important to note.
Having a website just for a few kinds of online presence and which act as an online business card with the basic functionality with some creativity then template could be the answer.
User experience is also another factor in deciding if you should custom design your website and it is made eas with the template designs also.
The custom-designed website gives us room for a variety of creativity and a move and grow and the graphic design choices are almost unlimited.
With a custom design, you can have better control and over your content from the back end and it’s easy to use create greater user interaction.
But if your website has more user inputs, it’s better to adopt custom designed websites for better user experience.

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