Web Designers usually adapt to one or approach while building a website.
They usually have the idea of ‘design first’ or ‘content first.’
However, both ideas fail because the design first does not meet the needs of the users.
Content first is a bad idea for a website strategy and it fails to address the ultimate goal of a business.
So the answer to the profitable website actually lies with the idea of ‘marketing first.’

The School of Idea!
#1 – Design First
Usually, most of the web designers start with the concept of design first and they design the framework, then collect theme board, select images, and paint a pretty picture.
The outcome usually is a beautiful website that may or may not serve the needs of their clients.

#2 – Content First
While another set of people believe that ‘content is king ‘ and they totally forget about the design and instead, focus on website structure and adding more and more information.
And to their context 80% of a website is text, so they think that design should around the words.
The outcome for content first is a bad website strategy is that it doesn’t necessarily work toward the ultimate goal.

#3 – Marketing First

Whereas, the business invests in their websites to increase sales and marketing is crucial for generating leads and re-engaging past clients.
Marketing first means you don’t start with the look of a site, or the content, but with the following important questions.
Like visitors, their needs, purchase of products/services, and knowing more about the company?
marketing here is defined as the service defining how a site can generate more leads or sales and then making the design and content serve that purpose, even if the content is the fact which guides the visitor along with the website your marketing funnel is considered important because it identifies the end goal.
Profitable websites start with the marketing strategy before ever addressing the other two.
And once they need for the website is determined then he can determine to work on user experience in which entering their email address on a web form or your Contact Page is very important for conversion.
So talk to your designer about the marketing ideas or seek help if you have no ideas because they have entirely different ideas in perspective with the design.
Hence, Focusing on marketing first and add the other components for profitable web design is advisable.

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